To the editor:

What has happened to The Conway Daily Sun?

As former residents of North Conway, my wife and I regularly have written letters to the editor.

Prior to moving here, we lived in Bradford for many years. I was a commercial airline captain and also very involved in the town. I held several positions in the governing of Bradford. I became a member of the planning board and eventually a two-term member of the board of selectmen. One of those terms was as chairman.

After living a couple of years here in North Conway I volunteered and was appointed to the planning board as an alternate. That is where I met Ray Shakir. I found him to be very knowledgeable and articulate and an asset to the board. In the later years here, I came to know Steve Steiner.

Several years ago, Steve became involved in real estate and has become very knowledgeable and successful in this field.

We could not believe our eyes when we opened the page in The Conway Daily Sun depicting a disgusting “cartoon” of the two gentlemen. We follow the news and are aware of problems at the planning board.

Do you report the news or do you slander two gentlemen as you have done? We would label the cartoon a cheap shot that is not nor should ever be used in print like you have done.Both of these men deserve an apology in print.

Dick and Sue Vitale

Largo, Fla. and Brownfield, Maine

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Bill Scott

The real cartoon is Steiner and Shakir.

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