To the editor:

I would like to give Tom Sheehan my gratitude for his Sept. 19 letter to the editor. 

His letter suggested substituting the term “unborn baby” with “duck”, and he repeats all the horrific words others use describing the torture and killing of the duck as “slaughter, sadistic, despicable act and beyond disgusting.” I would ask those who are outraged (and rightly so) over the torture and killing of the duck to consider these facts about the unborn baby.

Fourteen days after conception, the unborn baby has eye development. Eighteen days after conception, the unborn baby’s heart begins to beat. At 9 weeks, he/she has permanent fingerprints. At 10 weeks, he/she can feel — sense of comfort/pain. At 12 weeks, he/she can smile and suck his/her thumb.

The hundreds of thousands of abortions that have been performed in the United States alone this year should make us all outraged. It is my understanding that there are over 2 million couples waiting to adopt, including children of all races and special needs.

On another subject, what sense is there to post a sign outside a public building stating “No Guns/Weapons Allowed Inside.” This appears to be an open invitation to a mentally sick coward. 

Also, when a vehicle is used by a mentally sick coward as a weapon to kill as many people as he can in the streets, side walks, bus stops, etc. — will we have to give up our vehicles or finally address the real issue of mental health?

David Smith


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safe abortions should be legal everywhere.

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