To the editor:

As the 2020 election cycle ramps up, it seems that this will be a face-off between Rhode Island-born Speaker of the Maine House Sara Gideon and our own Susan Collins in a fight for Maine’s U.S. Senate seat.

Where has Speaker Gideon been the last three months since she adjourned the Legislature? In her absence, we have witnessed fitful, inconsistent, feckless COVID-19 policy by the governor that has brought Maine to its economic knees.

When we need meaningful input from our elected officials the most, where is Sara Gideon? In her absence, a group from the Labor Committee convened in an attempt to address the unemployment issue.

To their credit, this bipartisan group of 62 legislators went around Ms. Gideon. They drafted a letter to Gov. Mills and Labor Commission Chairman Laura Fortman over the signature of caucus member Genevieve MacDonald demanding answers on the state’s management of the unemployment crisis. Sara Gideon claims to be “monitoring” the crisis, yet we are getting zero leadership from her.

What can we expect if she gets to Washington? As a freshman senator, she would be completely under the iron fist of Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for committee appointments, PAC and lobbyist money, even office space and her office budget.

A vote for Sara Gideon is a vote for Chuck Schumer. It is a choice between Sara Gideon and the responsible, principled, high-level Senate leadership we have come to appreciate from Sen. Collins.

David Reed

Hope, Maine

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She certainly has flooded the TV with slick campaign ads. I'd like to know where all of that funding is coming from. And why she doesn't openly call herself a Democrat.

And maybe some details on policy.

First of all, why has the Conway Daily Sun printed a contentious op-ed from someone not in the distribution area of the paper other than to stir up the readership? Secondly, the author purposely avoided why Maine voters are so disgusted with Susan Collins. Collins chooses to remain silent throughout every outrageous action from the White House. And the fact she cast the deciding vote for Kavenaugh’s confirmation. Even retired republican justice Stevens said Kavanaugh should not be a member of the Supreme Court.


Judging by the title of this opinion piece, I’m not even going to read it! We have years of history with Senator Susan Collins to know that Maine deserves so much better than Trumps lapdog. Bye bye spineless Susan!


“ fitful, inconsistent, feckless COVID-19 policy by the governor that has brought Maine to its economic knees.”. Be thankful you’re alive and you’re welcome to go to Florida Arizona or Texas if you want to enjoy open economy.

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