To the editor:

This is in response to Paul Chant’s Aug. 24 letter to the editor.

It was nice that he could cherry pick one man’s opinion to further his own. But you know what they say “Opinions are like a******s, everyone’s got one.” And just like an a******, some of them stink. You don’t see any other gun makers jumping on this grandstanding bandwagon.

I’m so glad he used automobiles in his argument. Let’s start with this: Driving is a “privilege,” not a constitutional right. Imagine the uproar if the politicians tried to stop everyone from driving. Furthermore, imagine if they said no one needs a sports car that goes 200 mph. After all, the speed limit on most highways is 65. You think that one would fly?

So, why do people want ultra fast and powerful cars? Because that is their passion. Speed is fun. The same way that people love golf (yuck). The point is that almost everyone has at least one passion.

For some gun owners, it is fun to have an AR-style rifle. I have a friend that hunts, but has no interest in an AR. I hunt but I also like to target shoot, and I bought an AR, and I like it.

Now, let me explore a different avenue here: the Fourth of July. You know how the pyrotechnics display starts out? One, one, then three-four, and people are oohing over the pretty colors. But it gets a little boring because its the same and everyone knows what’s coming. The grand finale. Can you imagine what a letdown it would be if they were only allowed 10 “rounds” instead of the 25 or 30 that you usually get?

The problem is not how many rounds you have. It’s the moral decay in this country.

David Fielding


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the difference is that it's easier to get a gun than a drivers license...and most people with drivers licenses shouldn't be on the road to begin with...

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