To the editor:

Donald Trump promised to do wondrous things for us during his presidential campaign:

1. To build a border wall paid for by Mexico. As of July 2019, 60 miles of replacement wall has been completed, plus a 2-mile stretch of steel slats that are being sawed through by drug dealers. Since Mexico and Congress have declined to fund the wall, President Trump, in defiance of Congress, has reallocated from the defense budget, $2.5 billion dedicated to anti-drug funding and $3.6 billion intended for military construction projects.

2. To give us a “phenomenal” health-care plan. The Republicans have no plan, and since President Trump took office, the number of Americans without health insurance has increased by 7 million. Middle-income people with private insurance are unable to pay their hospital bills, due to large deductibles and co-payments.

3. To cut our taxes. His tax plan was a gift to the wealthy with two-thirds of it going to the richest fifth of Americans. The cut did not produce the promised 4 percent growth in the economy, which is currently growing at 2 percent.

4. To reduce the national debt “very quickly.” The national debt has increased to $22 trillion from $19 trillion and growing since President Trump took office because spending has outpaced income.

5. To get out of the Iran Nuclear Treaty. Trump kept that promise and Iran has now resumed enriching uranium.

6. To “drain the swamp” of lobbyists, special interests and corruption. So far, at least 20 people in the Trump administration have been forced to resign and/or been indicted — more than any president in history.

Do you imagine President Trump lies awake in the wee hours worrying about us average Americans as he roams the halls of Mar-a-Lago tweeting?

No, neither do I.

He is worrying, however, about how to con us into voting for him again.

Cynthia Muse


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Trump is an autocrat who should be impeached.


Trump supporters don't care. Facts mean nothing to them.

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