To the editor:

An interesting week in the Sun. First, I am delighted with the Sun’s anti-Trump pledge. Congratulations on taking a responsible position. Second, I, for one, enthusiastically accept Mr. Ray Gilmore’s apology in his letter “after attacking Powell, I’m disavowing Trump.” Welcome back.

And kudos to Mr. Michael Callis who calls for increased participation in the Republican Party. That’s the way it’s suppose to work. These are examples of thoughtful and respectful leadership. I hope the 10 percent of Republicans who don’t back Trump continue to bring their party back to constructive dialogue and bipartisanship.

I differ however with Mr. Tad Furtado, who stated mask mandates are “counter to our core philosophy.” As a society, we voluntarily give up certain “freedoms” for the common good on a daily basis. We stop at stop signs, we don’t park in handicapped parking spots, we pay taxes for schools, police and fire departments even if we don’t use their services. Wearing a mask doesn’t come close to infringing on an individual’s freedom. Masks save lives. Surely that’s a reasonable compromise.

Constance Wood


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"I hope the 10 percent of Republicans who don’t back Trump continue to bring their party back to constructive dialogue and bipartisanship."

Actually, what I hope for is a Republican Party that stands for and by its core principles. I would also like a Republican Party that pushes back on the inane declarations of those that would bring this Country to its knees in the name of “Critical Race Theory”, "Equity, Diversity, Inclusion”, and “Anti-Racism". These phrases are used to stop any meaningful dialogue. Instead, they are used as a cudgel to beat you over the head and advance a Marxist agenda, or call you a White Supremacist, or a Domestic Terrorist.

And, if it isn't too much to ask, I'd like it if the Republicans would finally wake up and realize the other side doesn't play fair and they have changed the political rules of engagement. For them, it is an "All or nothing, Scorched Earth" strategy. They use, "constructive dialogue and bi-partisanship" as a weapon to mask their agenda as they push us further and further to the Left. In case you haven’t noticed, THEY DON’T COMPROMISE!

The classic Liberals of the 60's & 70's would be considered Conservatives by today’s standards when it comes to Constitutional and Civil Rights. Just look at the Democrat Squad or Bernie Sanders. Avowed and proud Socialists.

Open your eyes and look around. Is there anything that this current President, his Administration, or the Democrats have done right over the last 10 months?

Immigration is totally out of control. (millions of unvaccinated & unvetted)

Our economy is teetering on collapse.

Inflation is exploding.

Supply chains are a mess.

The Pandemic Policy is a muddled, incoherent mess.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complete debacle (billions of dollars of weapons left to terrorists).

Bail-out bills that will bankrupt us for decades.

No discernable energy policy. (Just how do you think this Winter will go once you turn on your heat?)

So to that 10%, I’d say this; Stop worrying about what people think of you, stop worrying about hurting people’s feelings, stop worrying about being “polite”, and get in the fight. Start pushing back and realize that the only ones who can stop this march toward Leftist Utopian oblivion are you.

Or, you can play their game by their rules and we lose everything as they blatantly change the demographic landscape of the Country, try to pack the Courts, restrict our Right to free speech, continue to issue Unconstitutional mandates, and look for ways to cancel the 2nd Amendment.


You left out Biden. If he gets any wiorse we will have to lock him up in his basement.

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