To the editor:

As a senior at Kennett High School, my years as a student at this school are coming to an end. 

Among my peers the phrase, “we survived high school” is going around, and as it usually means that we all made it through the late nights, early mornings, homework, and classwork, this year has brought a new meaning to the phrase. Surviving high school now means that we were lucky enough to not be one of the 27 students killed, just this year alone, from school shootings. 

Twenty-seven  students, dead. Future doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, and people who could contribute to America.

These circumstances are becoming the norm here in America. The words “school shooting” striking across the screen on TV, frequently now, and there needs to be a change. Kids of any age do not need to feel unsafe while being at school. Kids’ education is so important, and they can’t learn in a place they don’t feel safe. There are many solutions being brought forward, and something needs to be put in place because what is going on now isn’t working.

The best place to start solving this problem is universal background checks. This is a commonsense way of making sure guns are getting into and staying in the right hands. 

The administration and staff of Kennett High School have done a lot for students to make sure they feel safe in school, from holdings assemblies to allowing the walkout for gun reform back in the month of March. 

Unfortunately, the local representatives haven’t been as receptive. Kennett has done all it can to make going to school safe, and now it’s their turn.

So please, adults of the Mount Washington Valley, or anyone who wants to and can make a change, realize there are kids who go to Kennett High School scared. 

They’re scared of hearing the lockdown alarm warning of a shooter, or when they hear the fire alarm go off, they’re scared to take a step out in the hallway. 

No matter your political party, call or email your representatives and let them know of your concerns on this issue.

I am one of the lucky ones who survived high school, and we need to make sure that every future generation, at Kennett High School and everywhere, can say that, too.

Cody Roberts

North Conway

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