To the editor:

I think all this lamentation about free speech in reference to Tom McLaughlin is missing the point. Let McLaughlin write letters to the editor like any other moron (yes, I see the irony in that statement).

No one wants to keep him from his First Amendment right to complain about how hard it is to be white and male or to spread his homophobic ideology or his self-righteous racism; but why on earth should his poor writing and faulty logic be legitimized with a weekly column? That's the issue.

Christine Thompson


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Personally, I am quite amused at his open and proud display of ignorance. I look forward to his columns as it's like watching the show 'Jackass'.


Yes, Mr. McLaughlin has a right to free speech and even free press.....however, he is being paid to spout his one sided option. I wonder if he spouted these options while teaching...if so, my children would not have taken his classes! That any school board would condone the things he says amazes me. I also wonder if the advertises understand that they are in effect paying Mr. McLaughlin for his option. Perhaps those who disagree with his options should visit some of the Sun’s bigger advertisers? Regardless to what Conservatives are currently saying...Boycotts work!


What is it with liberals about 'diverse' opinions that they don't understand?


I agree with Christine Thompson from Jackson.


The idea i had been taught about free press was that it is an opportunity for a public to be informed on all issues. One can see from Tom's path to his having a column that he worked hard for many years and has an educational background that warrant giving him a recurring platform. If you think you have equal or greater qualifications maybe you should send a resume to the editor rather than a letter only. Susan Bruce's column is gone maybe you can be her replacement. Keep on writing Tom.


Hear, hear!

I’ve been reading his hateful, ignorant columns since I was a kid. Enough is enough. It’s time to move on.


I agree 100% with Sey! Hateful commentary has not place in the Conway press.

Ted Newman, Jr

Ms Thompson is spot on about the irony. Keeping Tom's column is about diversity. His opinion is as valued as yours. Just because it doesn't jibe with yours, isn't grounds to dismiss it. You are not compelled to read it if your sensibilities are afflicted by his commentary. You may turn the page at anytime.

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