To the editor:

The voters of Fryeburg will be asked Thursday to vote yes or no on allowing five licenses for the retail sale of adult recreational marijuana in Fryeburg. I am writing on behalf of the Trustees of Fryeburg Academy to encourage the voters to vote no. Our primary responsibility is the well-being of our students, and our view is allowing recreational marijuana sales in town is in conflict with that effort for the following reasons:

• While there will be an age limit on sales, marijuana would inevitably become more available to our students. While adults can do what they want to do, regular use of marijuana has been shown to be harmful to teenagers.

• Since New Hampshire does not allow such sales, Fryeburg could become the regional hub for pot sales, bringing a constant flow of traffic from western Maine and the tourist hot spots of New Hampshire to town for the sole purpose of purchasing drug products. Main Street in Fryeburg is the second busiest connection between Maine and New Hampshire after I-95. As the host community to our students from near and far, being located in what could become a recreational drug capital could significantly damage the reputation of our students and school.

Please vote no on this issue.

Chris Gordon

Winchester, Mass.

President, Trustees of Fryeburg Academy

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Your "reefer madness" attitude towards cannabis is baseless and outdated. Do you think preaching abstinence causes kids to not have sex? Do you think kids have stopped drinking at parties because you need to be 21 to buy a beer? You haven't described a single reason why permitting the sale of cannabis would be detrimental besides your unsupported idea that making it illegal to sell would somehow stop kids from using it, and your vague assertion that allowing sales of cannabis would turn Fryeburg into some kind of drug den - an idea that could only ever take root in the mind of someone who is stuck in a bygone era. Cannabis is not going away and the only thing preventing its general acceptance is the older generation - which I assume you are a part of - that can't let go of the lie it was told that cannabis is "worse" for you than smoking a cigarette or drinking a beer.

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