To the editor:

First, let’s take a moment to thank our veterans. We appreciate your service to our great nation and the Granite State. Every veteran has supported our Constitution, defended our liberties, and promoted freedom at home and abroad. Everyone in America and many around the world forever carries a debt because of your service. The least we can do is say thank you.

As promised, every week, I will provide updates on legislation I am introducing or cosponsoring in the N.H. House. To continue with last week’s subject of agriculture and farming, N.H. will be following in the footsteps of our neighbors to the east. Maine recently passed a constitutional amendment dubbed "Right to Food." This should be called "Right to Produce Noncommercial Food," but such a name is not as catchy.

I have co-sponsored a bill that is called the "Right to Garden Act."This bill will allow Granite Staters to garden on their property for noncommercial purposes unless it violates existing zoning laws established when the property was bought or violates agreements in deed-restricted communities, like an HOA.

Again, this is only for noncommercial gardening, and all local, state and federal agricultural regulations still apply. The goal of this bill is to allow small rural farms or homeowners to garden without government intrusion.

If you have any questions about this LSR, please contact me at or (603) 387-4210. Thank you.

Rep. Brodie Deshaies


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I like it, but why let HOA "s of the hook. A change in law should make a deed restriction unenforcable.

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