To the editor:

Budget is NOT a win for ALL in New Hampshire.

Rep. Glen Cordelli of Tuftonboro asked why every Carroll County Democrat voted against the “outstanding” state budget. Here are some reasons.

Let’s start with the Education Freedom Accounts which Rep. Cordelli championed. This program will divert money from our public schools to homeschooling, private, and religious institutions. The state Budget office projects more than $70 million will go into this program.

The Critical Race theory provision inhibits our First Amendment rights by prohibiting discussion of systemic racism and sexism by public institutions.

Chipping away at each woman's right to choose her reproductive decisions, this budget law prohibits abortion after 24 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. These decisions should be left to the woman, her doctor and her family, not the NH legislature

This budget returns $10million to those who failed to perform due diligence when investing in a faulty Ponzi scheme while refusing to fund dental benefits for those over 18 on Medicaid.

Lastly, nine out of 10 dollars of the reduction in the state's interest and dividends tax will flow to the top 20 percent of earners and half of the reduction will go to just 209 taxpayers who are in the top 1 percent of income earners. The reduction in the Business Profits tax will largely benefit out-of-state corporations, not small businesses as Rep. Cordelli would have you believe.

In summary, the budget Rep. Cordelli has championed goes against the Live Free or Die we he old dear, our First Amendment rights, women's reproductive rights, sound fiscal policy, and public education. It's time we elect leaders who support the rights of all citizens of the state rather than just a few, a precept for all Democrats.

Bonnie Chehames


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CRT is an opinion which appears to be only supported by teaching organizations and the far left, I do not want children indoctrinated by opinions. Rape is obviously abhorrent, I think giving those poor victims almost 6 months to decide what to do is adequate. The ponzi scheme relief does sound inappropriate. Finally I do not think that when a tax rate is adjusted up or down those who pay it should either reap the benefit of pay the consequences.

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