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A wake up message from Thomas Jefferson:

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As long as Big Business acts without concern for the Common Good, We, the People, will become increasingly impoverished. Moneyed interests have huge buildings filled with lawyers who are paid to conform to the law just enough to avoid getting caught. And... all too often, the price of "getting caught" is calculated as an acceptable cost of doing business. We have become an increasingly selfish - and decidedly - un-democratic country. The ultimate failure of our country - and, indeed, the world - is our collective failure to address Climate Change in a meaningful way - largely because the worst polluting industries refuse to give up the profits they make with fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources have actually become cheaper than, say, coal for generating power. Yet, the coal lobby manages to keep digging their egregious, filthy, outdated, and expensive carbon-rich fuel out of the ground. It's a tragedy that this country has created the greatest economic inequality here since 1926. Yes, a simpler government would be great on paper. The facts, sadly, point to even greater inequality as a result.

Scott Shallcross

1) 25 % of all the national debt was accrued during the Trump presidency. 2) Raising the debt ceiling does not increase spending - it allows us to pay the debt on what we have already spent.

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