To the editor:

In reference to the recent duck-killing episode, I, like many other people, was horrified at such a senseless act these students participated in. When I was still driving, one of my greatest pleasures was going down to the boat launch at White Lake and watching the ducks and loons bring their babies to shore — almost like they were proud to show off their families.

These football players in my opinion are not “children,” but 15-to-17-year-old young adults. Ask them if they like being labeled as children. I really doubt they would approve of this description.

It is apparent the chaperones were negligent in their duties, but the punishment is definitely not equal to the act. These students should not be allowed to participate in any sport or another co-curricular activity while they are attending Kennett.

Community service is a wonderful idea, but definitely not working with or near animals — other than cleaning out horse stalls, cow barns or animal crates. This is all they are capable of doing that would not endanger any animals.

One last plea to the Conway School Board: Do something other than a slap on the wrist. How would you feel if this duck was in your pond, and someone deliberately killed it? Do you think this would be fun? I don’t, but I’m an animal lover who cares about their well-being. 

Maybe the board should do some community service at an animal shelter. Then maybe they would be better able to do something if this happens again. God forbid.

Audrey Berry


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I totally agree! Another issue I had was with the way the story was told: "tormented" instead of "tortured" and "euthanized" instead of "killed". They perpetrators are well aware of their actions and know right from wrong. There is no excuse for the lack of any punishment at all. The ninth-graders at my sons' school were suspended for three days simply for bothering a raccoon. They didn't hurt it in any way; they just disturbed it in its natural habits. That is what these students need at the very least.

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