To the editor:

I am in the area for a 10-day vacation with my wife, children and three grandchildren.

On the second day of our stay, we were in North Conway and my 8-year-old grandson needed a bathroom. You know the rest of the story. No public bathrooms in North Conway.

We were told at the information booth to run on down to McDonalds and use their bathroom. So we ran, but not to the burger joint. We ran right out of North Conway and do not intend to return.

I am spending my money for food and recreation in Glen, Bartlett, Jackson and Gorham. I easily spend $150-200 per day for a group my size. Seems foolish to me to lose tourism income for lack of a few porta-potties.

Art Hamilton


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You must not have been keeping up with the latest position of the conway residents, Art. They not only do not want bathrooms. They do not want out of state vacationers.

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