Well, they've done it again. Despite disappointing performances on state assessment tests, swarms of Kennett High students seem to have had no trouble getting their names on that school's honor roll.

The honor roll published in this paper on Feb. 7 listed a total of 298 students awarded honors or high honors, from a student body that was down to 686 at last count. That exceeds 43 percent of the entire school taking "honors," according to grades issued by teachers who might feel interested in exaggerating academic performance as a reflection on their own competence. By the standards of yesteryear, so high a proportion of honor students might seem suspicious, but it's the norm today.

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And this is what "Student-Centered Leaning", with a huge dose of "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity" looks like.

It's a race to the bottom and judging by the test scores, Kennet H.S. is winning. But hey, everyone will have their self-esteem intact [except for our best and brightest].

So, instead of weighed grades we will have inflated grades.

Good plan. We never liked those terrible "grade chasers" anyway.

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