The Associated Press “called” the 2020 presidential election at 11:30 a.m. Saturday for Joe Biden. Other media followed. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the rest of the Democrat Party and allied media behaved as if it were official. President Donald Trump had not conceded. He had instead filed suit in Pennsylvania and Arizona alleging improprieties in vote counting, and is waiting for results of recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he will not congratulate a winner “until all the legal matters have been resolved. I can’t congratulate one candidate or the other. I want to wait until the electoral process is over.” Reuters then declared: “Democrat Joe Biden won the election on Saturday after a victory in the battleground state of Pennsylvania put him over the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes.” Reuters evidently believes our Constitution doesn’t have as much authority as media do in presidential elections.

Others disagree. “Networks don’t get to decide elections, courts do,” said Trump lawyer and adviser Rudolph Giuliani.

So here we are at this writing on Tuesday, Nov. 10. I cannot help but wonder what will happen if recounts in Georgia and Arizona produce Trump victories, and then the Supreme Court rules that Pennsylvania must disregard ballots it got after election day, and that could give the state to Trump. That scenario looks unlikely at this point, but it is still possible. If Biden loses Pennsylvania, his electoral count would be 270. Should any other state be taken out of the Biden column, he doesn’t win.

However, media called the election for Biden and will continue cementing that idea in America’s collective mind as strongly as they can. They’ll also continue depicting allegations of Democrat fraud as preposterous.

What if, after all the court cases and recounts, the Electoral College then declares that Trump has won a second term? Many expected explosions of rioting by groups like Antifa and BLM if Trump were to have won a second term last week. Imagine if those groups, assuaged at first by a perceived Biden victory, had it snatched away. It’s not unrealistic to visualize huge riots dwarfing those we saw all summer. Should that level of violence come to pass, we could justifiably blame media for inciting it.

When Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, networks thought him ridiculous, but they gave him enormous coverage because it pushed their ratings up. After he won the nomination coverage turned negative. After he was elected, coverage turned malevolent and continued at more than 90 percent negative for all four years of his administration.

And then there’s this: Before Trump’s inauguration, mainstream media knew the Steele Dossier couldn’t be verified, but they longed to publish it anyway, so, they used a staged briefing on the dossier by since-fired FBI Director James Comey to then-President-elect Donald Trump as cover to publish the dodgy dossier. In turn, Comey’s FBI then used that very press coverage to “verify” the dossier before the FISA Court to obtain FISA warrants for spying on President Trump’s administration. Talk about circular reasoning!

As determined by the Mueller investigation, there was never evidence of Trump collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election. Nonetheless, mainstream media pushed the story for more than two years.

Last Thursday night, President Trump called a press conference to call attention to reports of election cheating last week by Democrat operative in various states. Major TV networks however, had become so arrogant in their Trump hatred they cut away from his remarks and boldly declared the president was lying. Whenever they mention Trump’s various lawsuits, they preface their remarks with phrases like: “Although they have no evidence of election tampering, Trump’s lawyers …”

There are legitimate questions about how the vote-counting was done in several states last week. Remember, after the 2000 election, Vice President Al Gore had conceded, but then took back his concession. Media didn’t scoff at Gore’s claims. Media didn’t presume to declare the winner. The country waited. It took weeks for courts to determine how to legally count votes. Only after 37 days, Florida, and ultimately the Electoral College, determined who won. What is the rush this time?

Here, two decades later, mainstream media are solidly in control of how people perceive what happened on Nov. 3, and there’s no question about who they want to win, and today they have almost everyone calling him “President-elect Biden.”

Democrats, the Deep State and their mainstream media allies never accepted that Trump won in 2016. For four years, they spied on him, sicced a special prosecutor on him, impeached him and conducted opinion polls predicting a blue wave to sweep him out of office that didn’t materialize. They’re not about to tolerate anybody questioning the legitimacy of last week’s purported result.

Tom McLaughlin lives in Lovell, Maine. Reach him at

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Are you serious? Everyone waited for day as the votes were counted. Zero evidence of voter fraud has been found. What's the rush? Better question, what are you waiting for?

Scott Shallcross

The Associated Press has been calling elections since 1848 when a clear winner emerges. Trump's buddies Boris Johnson from England, Recep Erdogan from Turkey, King Saman Al Saud from Saudi Arabia and dozens of other prominent work leaders all called Biden to congratulate him. McLaughlin queries: What's the rush? To state the obvious: we are in the middle of a raging pandemic with hospitals unable to handle the volume of critically ill patients. We have a potential vaccine on the horizon without the necessary means and equipment (such as specialized refrigerators) for life saving distribution. We have great national security concerns. Trump is on a firing binge eliminating some of our country's most experienced military and intelligence specialists. Think of the mistakes that were made leading to 9-11. Thankfully Republican Senator James Lankford has stepped up to say Biden should be getting

intelligence briefings! Furthermore, Mueller specifically has stated that his report did not "exonerate Trump" and stated that obstruction of justice charges could be leveled at the President.

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