Another year past since that dreadful day. Twenty-one in total now.

The war is over. Memorials and new buildings have been constructed; but the broken pieces of our 20-year war on terror still litter the world.

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"Beyond the occasional political arrow slung at President Joe Biden, for executing former President Donald Trump's flawed plan to turn Afghanistan back over to Taliban, Americans are happy to forget the follies of our forever war."

Let's get the record straight here Capt. The withdrawal debacle in Afghanistan was all Biden's plan, not Trump's. Biden was the Commander and Chief. It was his Generals his DOD, and his State Dept that was in charge and running the show.

The whole affair, the chaos, the deaths, those allies/friends left behind, and all of that military equipment left behind rests on Biden's shoulders.

You need to stop letting your disdain for Trump cloud your judgment, who in fact was trying to extricate us from a war that had gone on far too long because of prior administrations.

Yes, I too had skin the game. My TAD orders were dated: 11SEP01. I wasn't deactivated for 3 years.

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