Fellow independents, I have an urgent message for you. Actually, fellow Americans, I have an urgent message for you. The most important election is upon us. I am not talking about November’s midterm, but September’s Republican primary. Listen up.

Independents are the largest voting block in New Hampshire, comprising 40 percent of the electorate. Though we decide elections, we never act as a single force. Instead, our vote is typically split between Republicans and Democrats. Ideologically, independents diverge widely. But a vast majority of us gravitate toward centrist candidates. Here’s where we need to start flexing muscle. How?

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Dr. Q,

You continually refer to yourself as an “Independent” yet everything about you wreaks of Far Left Looney Tunes. We only need to examine some of your past exploits. While you always start off by sounding, “middle of the road” you predictably descend into nasty diatribes smashing Republicans in general, or trying to make a Trump-Republican nexus. One could easily conclude that you have a severe case of TDS. Meanwhile, you purposely ignore the path of destruction that the current Party in Power [Democrat/Socialist] has brought upon us. That would make you either a phony or a liar.

You repeatedly practice a fairly common tactic; Describing yourself as a moderate while slowly pushing the political agenda ever more gradually Leftward. So much so that even the most moderate Republican starts looking like a Right Wing Extremist and strict Constitutionalists look like Fascists. It’s known as moving the Overton Window. John F. Kennedy would look like a Right Wing Zealot by today’s Democrat Party standards.

Of course, you predictably close with hyperbole, name-calling, and otherwise unsubstantiated bologna that we have come to expect. Funny how you seem to be able to do this consistently without ever considering the irony of your position(s) as if you are immune from doing the very things you accuse those “scoundrels” of doing.

So, rather than wasting time trying to distract or convince others of the failings of a Party or a person that isn’t even in power right now, let us review, not in any particular order, where the power-drunk Democrat Party and ‘Ole Joe have taken us:

The worst economy in the last 60 years.

The fastest growth in and the highest rate of inflation, ever.

The highest gasoline/fuel oil/natural gas prices in history.

Supply Chain shortages.

Actual and anticipated food shortages.

Skyrocketing crime rates.

Untenable “Bail Reform”.

A muddled, inconsistent, and illogical Covid response.

An invasion of illegal aliens at unprecedented numbers.

An explosion of Fentanyl related deaths (over double the annual number of accidental gun deaths)

Supporting a Country and a War where no one can clearly explain the “Why”.

A shrinking and demoralized military.

The debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Begging foreign nations with questionable Human Rights violations for oil.

The unending partisan Show Trial, aka, The January 6th Commission.

The political corruption of the FBI and DOJ.

Politically motivated prosecutions due to (Republican) Party affiliations.

Selected Prosecutions.

Forcing clearly unwanted and unsubstantiated new social norms that would forever alter our most vulnerable children's mental and physical health.

The continued racist brainwashing of our children with unproven CRT.

The continued threats of “Court Packing” and removing the Filibuster.

Illegal/condoned demonstrations in front of SCOTUS Justice’s homes.

The slow and steady dominant influence of China around the globe.

The cojoining of the Left with Social Media, News Media, and communication outlets.

The burying of the Hunter Biden laptop story or his connection to Joe Biden.

There is a growing and overwhelming rejection of the Democrats and their Globalist Agenda and Policies. Every poll indicates this. Even the most left-leaning prejudicial ones. Take the time to talk with any sane, clear-headed person and you will realize it.

They say all politics are local. Well, I say fine, let the local politicians now pay for the Party they affiliate with, along with the policies they endorse, and see what happens.

Jacob and Al

Thank you Mr Snyder.


Mr. Snyder forgets that the national story is on how the progressive left has gone so far leftist that they have lost America in general. Yet he fires his ammo at the Republicans only. Sir, you are not independent. America cannot be America if the progressives get thier way.

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