Saturday, Feb. 8

• With the N.H. Presidential Primary on Nov. 11, the Sun looked back on the candidates’ visits to campaign in the Mount Washington Valley.

• Stories about the Sun’s questions on UFOs for presidential candidates have been attracting national media attention.

• Danny Quint, who left Conway for Nashville five years ago on a mission to publish the songs of the band The Blend, released his own song and music video on YouTube.

• The Sun’s Valentine’s Week special, Love in the Sun, profiled Olympian Sue (Long) Wemyss and Howie Wemyss of Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.

Tuesday, Feb. 11

• Democrats Andrew Yang and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts made 11th-hour visits to Conway Sunday and Monday ahead of the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

• Love in the Sun profiled Tamworth’s music-loving innkeepers, Neysa and Kimball Packard of the Farmstand Bed and Breakfast in Chocorua.

• Local pastor Dan Mitchum of the First Congregational Church in Ossipee expressed concern over a provocative billboard on Route 16 that asks people if they think they are going to heaven or hell, saying it’s an unproductive way to bring people to God.

• A Carroll County Superior Court judge decided in favor of the Governor Wentworth Regional School District in its lawsuit against Ossipee, ruling that the town must send its payments to the school district on the schedule that the district has used for years, based on the district’s expenses.

• A lost dog was found Monday after spending two nights in the frigid cold at North Conway’s town-owned Whitaker Woods.

Wednesday, Feb. 12

• Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders carried Conway in the first-in-the-nation Democratic Primary with 583 votes, followed by Pete Buttigieg with 530 votes.

• In early primary voting, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar was the top Democratic vote-getter in Hart’s Location.

• Love in the Sun profiled teachers Therese and Randy Davison of Conway.

• The Conway municipal budget committee planned to review the 2020 proposed budget and warrant articles Wednesday night.

Thursday, Feb. 13

• Pete Buttigieg was the overall winner in Carroll County with 27 percent of the vote, followed by Bernie Sanders with 25 percent; while Sanders won statewide, with 25.7 percent to Buttigieg’s 24. 4 percent.

• Love in the Sun profiled innkeepers Jen Kovach and Kevin Flynn of Snowvillage Inn in Eaton.

• The state Supreme Court heard opening arguments in Former Wolfeboro woman Christina Fay’s appeal of her 2018 conviction on animal cruelty charges stemming from her treatment of 75 Great Danes seized from her Wolfeboro home in 2017.

• Conway Town Moderator Deborah Fauver is asking where people would like to see voting take place after issues were reported for motorists getting to the polls Conway Elementary School in Conway Village for the primaries on Tuesday.

Friday, Feb. 14

• The Conway School Board and the Conway Education Association (teachers union) reached an agreement on what would be the second three-year teacher contract in a row. The contract, which would have to be approved by voters on April 14, includes changes to health insurance and would create a larger step pay program for experienced teachers, to help the district attract and retain veteran educators.

• Love in the Sun profiled World Fellowship Center co-directors Andrea Walsh and Andy Davis of Albany.

• Carroll County commissioners told the Sun they were disinclined to release documents about Ken Robichaud and his departure from his position as county administrator until a personnel hearing can be held later this month in which he may be reinstated.

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