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Town Clerk Louise Inkell addresses selectmen Tuesday about a recount to Conway selectmen as town moderator Chris Meier looks on. (VALLEY VISION IMAGE)

CONWAY — A recount will be held Monday for the town vote calling for spending close to $400,000 for public bathrooms in North Conway Village.

The recount will start at 9 a.m. at town hall. 

Asked in Article 22 to spend $399,000 for public restrooms in North Conway Village, voters during town meeting balloting on April 12 were split on the issue, resulting in a 581-581 stalemate.

Article 22 will fail if it remains a tie after a recount. According to Town Moderator Chris Meier, under state law, recounts are done by petition, which must be filed within seven days of the vote. And so it was. 

Town Clerk Louise Inkelll received a petition of 16 registered voters Monday. Michelle Cruz, who is assistant director of the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce, has the first signature on the petition. Cruz told the Sun the petition was started by Janice Crawford, executive director of the chamber, who has championed public restrooms in town.

The town's Board of Recount (comprising the moderator, town clerk and board of selectmen) scheduled the recount at Tuesday's selectmen's meeting. 

The moderator is Meier, and the selectmen are chair David Weathers, Mary Carey Seavey, John Colbath, Carl Thibodeau and Steve Porter. 

Inkell estimated the recount would take about four hours. The ballots during town meeting voting were counted by machine, but the recount will be done by hand.

Meier said by law there must be room for observers. 

The Sun asked selectmen Tuesday if they had any predictions for how the recount might turn out.

None of the selectmen had a prediction. Selectman John and Colbat said: "It's been an ongoing discussion for 50 years. So, it'll probably be ongoing discussion about public bathrooms for a long time."

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Doesn't the new recreation center in the park have bathrooms that people can use?


My family and I are in the NC area for approx. 160 days a year, so we are very familiar with the lack of facilities in the village. I truly feel bad for the area businesses who have to take the brunt of the necessary bathroom needs of thousands of visitors and residents per year. The excess traffic to their bathrooms causes the businesses to dedicate staff to keep the facility clean, the business is paying more on their water and sewerage bills - all without a guarantee that the facility user is purchasing something from the business. It only seems fair to offer public restrooms, the burden should not be on the business owners.

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