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A public information session on a proposal to replace the 1960-built North Conway Fire Station (above) is set to be held at the North Conway Water Precinct Nov. 13 at 7:15 p.m. (TOM EASTMAN PHOTO)

CONWAY — A public hearing and information session is scheduled for Nov. 13 at the North Conway Water Precinct on a proposal to replace the existing North Conway Fire Station with a new facility.

The session is to follow the regular quarterly meeting of the North Conway Water Precinct commissioners slated for 7 p.m., with the public hearing portion of the meeting set to begin at 7:15 p.m.

The conceptual design process is now underway, and public input is sought at this early stage of planning/design.

According to Commissioner Suzanne Nelson, chair of the precinct’s Fire Expansion Committee, the NCWP has begun investigation into replacement of its existing fire station, located in the heart of North Conway Village.

In addition to Nelson, members of the study committee include North Conway Fire Chief Pat Preece, Assistant Chief Chad McCarthy, Deputy Chief Tim Anderson, former Commissioner Jim Umberger and NCWP Supt. Jason Gagnon.

In a press release issued Nov. 8, Nelson said the existing station was built in 1960 and no longer meets the health, safety, and space requirements needed to accommodate the significant development within the precinct’s fire service area and modern firefighter protections.

A feasibility study conducted by the precinct in 2008 determined that the location in the village was the ideal physical location for the fire station and this latest effort will focus on providing a new fire station at the existing location.

The precinct has hired REI Service Corp. of Manchester and Sugar Hill as project manager to represent the interests of the precinct over the course of the project. REISC was founded in 1981 and is engaged in real estate consulting, development, and commercial property management.

In addition to his work with REISC, Allan R. Clark, principal of the company, is fire chief in Sugar Hill and serves on the N.H. Board of Fire Control and the N.H. Fire Standards and Training Commission.

According to Nelson, REISC has extensive experience with and knowledge of municipal building construction, particularly fire and police stations, and is currently serving as project manager for a new town hall and public safety building in the town of Carroll.

According to the NCWP press release, Samyn-D’Elia of Holderness has been hired by the precinct to work with REISC and precinct staff to develop a conceptual design that will include a floor plan and exterior design for the proposed new fire station.

According to the NCWP, “an important goal of this initial design will be to meet the needs of a modern firefighting facility while creating a building that will uphold the historic character of North Conway Village.”

Samyn-D’Elia was founded in 1980 and has experience in commercial, educational, medical, State of N.H. governmental and municipal projects, many of which are historic in nature and highly visible, according to the NCWP’s press release.

Ward D’Elia, one of the firm’s founding prinicipals, will serve as project architect.

“The precinct’s Fire Expansion Committee has been working hard to pull together this team,” said Nelson.

“We are fortunate to have found a project manager (Clark) with experience not just building fire stations, but also working out of them over the course of his career. Samyn-D’Elia has a demonstrated track record of designing projects that meet the budgetary requirements of their clients and also fit in with the historical character of North Conway Village.”

Both REI Service Corporation and Samyn-D’Elia Architects will be in attendance at the Nov. 13 public hearing to present initial concepts for the floor plan and exterior design of the proposed new fire station.

For more information, contact Clark at (603) 494-1491 or aclark@reiservice.com or call the water precinct at (603) 356-5862.

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