PINKHAM NOTCH — On Saturday, June 27, at approximately 2:30 p.m., New Hampshire Fish and Game received a call for an injured snowboarder in Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington.

Conservation officers responded from all over Coos County to assist the patient, identified as Ian Brown, 22, of Framingham, Mass.

Officers determined that while Brown was climbing the snow-covered ravine to snowboard down it, he slipped and fell a great distance.

Members of the party that Brown was with rushed to his aid to help him. Fortunately, there was a doctor planning to ski at the ravine who was not associated with the group who rendered aid to Brown.

Brown was placed in a litter until conservation officers arrived.

With the help of Brown’s friends and a couple of volunteers, officers were able to get Brown down to the Hermit Lake Shelter. Upon arrival to the shelter, Brown was checked again by the doctor on scene and it was deemed that he would be able to be transported down the mountain the rest of the way by the ATVs that officers had brought up.

Officers were met at the trailhead by the Gorham Ambulance, which subsequently transported Brown to Memorial Hospital in North Conway for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Officers determined that Brown and the group with him were not experienced “back-country” snowboarders and did not have some necessary safety equipment that would have likely saved Brown from injury, including micro-spikes and self-arrest gear.

New Hampshire Fish and Game would like to remind those venturing into the outdoors to always be prepared for the activity one is pursuing with the necessary safety equipment and always be mindful of one’s limitations and experience levels to avoid potential disasters.

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