Rescuers carry Janis Dietz, 63, of Reading, Mass., down the Gulfside Trail on Tuesday after she injured herself in a fall. (COURTESY PHOTO)

THOMPSON & MESERVES PURCHASE — On Tuesday at about 2 p.m., Janis Dietz, 63, of Reading, Mass., was hiking on Gulfside Trail in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game, while navigating down from Mount Jefferson toward Mount Clay on a steep downhill spot on the trail, Dietz slipped and fell approximately 4 feet, sustaining significant but non-life-threatening injuries.

Her hiking companions were unable to make a call for help, but not long after her fall a passerby was able to make a cellphone call to 911.

A coordinated response began from Androscoggin Valley Search and Rescue, Appalachian Mountain Club and Fish and Game conservation officers. An Advanced EMT from Androscoggin Valley Search and Rescue was able quickly get to Dietz with help from one of the Cog Railway Trains. This Advanced EMT was able to assess and stabilize Dietz’s injuries while rescuers responded to their location.

Rescuers carried Dietz approximately 1.7 miles up to the Mt. Washington Auto Road, where she was transported to an awaiting ambulance at the base. At approximately 9 p.m., Gorham EMS transported Dietz to Androscoggin Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

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