CONWAY — Selectmen Tuesday will discuss whether to implement a leash law in Whitaker Woods after the town fielded a couple of complaints about unruly dogs there.

Selectmen meet at 4 p.m. at the town hall located at 1634 East Main St. in Center Conway.

Whitaker Woods is a 180-acre multi-use non-motorized recreational area owned by the Town of Conway.

Town Manager Tom Holmes brought up the idea of a leash law up at the selectmen's March 12 meeting. He said he'd only fielded a couple of complaints, but when he asked people that he knows use Whitaker Woods, they told him unruly dogs were indeed a problem there.

After the meeting, Holmes told the Sun he would be taking input from the public on possibly instituting a leash law at the woods.

That was the topic of the March 16 Tele-Talk question in the Sun, which drew 36 responses, an unusually high number, and was about evenly divided for and against a leash law.

A week later, Holmes revisited the idea during his town manager's report.

Holmes, who was appointed town manager in 2017, called the controversy about the leash law in Whitaker Woods “the most controversial thing that's ever come out of my mouth in a year and a half.

"It has generated copious comments, emails, phone calls, personal visits, and The Conway Daily Sun has quite a few comments on its Facebook page.

"I think everybody saw Tele-Talk ... which was one of the more intelligently argued from each side I've ever seen," Holmes noted.

The Sun asked selectmen's chair David Weathers about a possible leash law last Friday.

He said he might support having some trails where dogs could be off leash.

"Whether or not that can be accomplished, I don't know," said Weathers. "We are going to have discussion Tuesday and see what others think."

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