BRIDGTON, Maine — Bridgton residents went to the polls Tuesday to elect selectman and planning board candidates and decide 10 warrant articles. On Wednesday night the town gathered to vote on articles 11-41.

Two seats on the planning board as well as an alternate position were up for grabs as members Deb Brusini and chairman Steve Collins completed their three-year terms (Collins chose not to run for re-election).

Brusini was re-elected handily, receiving 453 votes. Also elected to the board with 311 votes was former selectboard chairman Gregory N. Watkins.

Others running were Daniel J. Harden (233 votes); Douglas C. Oakley (164); Diane Paul (49); and Samantha Zawistowski (135). Miscellaneous write-ins received 25 votes.

An alternate seat also opened as Paul completed her three-year term. Paul Tworog received 31 write-in votes and was elected. Also receiving write-in votes were Harden, Oakley, Paul, Watkins, Zawistowski, Brusini, Angela Cook and Walter Zach Horton.

Running unopposed for re-election as Selectman/Assessor/Overseer of the Poor was Glenn R. Zaidman, who retained his seat with 644 votes. Miscellaneous write-ins received 27 votes.

Debra Albert also ran unopposed to retain her three-year seat as MSAD 61 director. She received 591 votes and was elected.

Articles determined through a secret ballot were as follows:

Article 3: To enact amendments to the town of Bridgton’s Willett Brook Aquifer Protection Ordinance. Received 538 votes and passed (195 opposed).

Article 4: To enact the Land Use Ordinance regarding the zoning and districting of the town. Received 426 votes and passed (347 opposed).

Article 5: Shall an ordinance entitled "Repeal of Town of Bridgton Affordable Housing Local Preference Ordinance" be enacted? Yes received 292 votes. No received 403 votes and article failed.

Other articles related to anti-litter, bicycles, CATV, regulating junkyards and uniform fee ordinance all passed.

Articles 11-41 to be voted on Wednesday included raising funds for general government, public safety and public works; authorizing prepayment of taxes; and authorizing selectmen to enter into boundary line agreements with abutting property owners.

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