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Nick Canon has defended his decision to return to work after his son's death.

The 41-year-old comedian - who lost his son Zen, five months, earlier this week to a brain tumor - has gone back to work hosting 'The Nick Cannon Show' and during his opening monologue on Wednesday (12.08.21), he spoke out about his decision to return to screens so soon despite facing backlash from family members.

He said: "A lot of people keep asking me like, 'Man why are you even at work?' Especially my family members, 'Boy you need to go sit down somewhere, you got too many jobs already. Allow yourself to just be yourself'.

"And I appreciate that, all of that advice and I know it comes from a place of care. But to me, this isn't work, this is love."

However, Nick - who has six other children from other relationships and is currently dating Alyssa Scott, Zen's mother - admitted his decision had left him feeling "guilty on so many levels".

He added: "Yesterday, it was a little easier than today because yesterday I was so laser-focused and even numb. I just knew I just had to get it done.

"Today, I'm a little torn. I'm a little confused. Because it's a hurting thing. I'm grieving. I feel guilty on so many levels."

'The Masked Singer' judge - who has Moroccan and Monroe, 10, from his previous marriage to pop star Mariah Carey, as well as Golden, four and Powerful, one from a relationship with model Brittany Bell, and Zillion and Zion, five months, with Abby De La Rosa - went on to claim that although he wasn't sure how he would make it through the show, he had decided to "fight" through it and ultimately dedicated the show to his late son.

He said: "I was always taught, you go through it you grow through it, you keep pushing. I'm here to show that I can fight through this, I'm feeling it, I'm vulnerable, I'm open. This is a special show dedicated to my beautiful son Zen."

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