Jackie Cruz is pregnant with twins
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Jackie Cruz is six months pregnant with twins.

The former ‘Orange is the New Black’ star has revealed she's having a “wonderful pregnancy” and she's expecting a boy and a girl - due early 2022 - with her husband Fernando Garcia after struggling with fertility.

The 35-year-old actress told PEOPLE: “It’s been a wonderful pregnancy, honestly. I’ve had some issues with fertility.”

The couple were conflicted on how to conceive, with Fernando preferring the “natural” method at first but Jackie being unconvinced it would work, and they sought help from a medical professional.

The ‘Good Girls’ star explained: “Going to doctors, they want you to take all this medicine. My husband, he’s really into just being natural and believing you can do it.

"I was against it. I was like, 'No, I want this now.' But he was like, 'No, come on. Give your body a chance. This is what the woman is made for.'

"But some people are different. Some people have to take fertility [medication], but we wanted to try natural first. And of course, if that didn't work, there were other avenues."

The couple - who got married in August 2020 - would eventually head to Fernando's homeland of Mexico to “detox a little bit and get away from all the stress”.

At one point, she was “three months along” but unaware she was pregnant.

She explained: "I was already detoxing. I was like, maybe, three months [along] or something. I didn't even know and I didn't see it, but I was a little bit emotional. I just thought that was normal.

"I did miss my period, but I was just in the moment, nurturing my body, my soul, meditating and believing. Like, I would go to the ocean and pray to my God. ... And when I believed I was pregnant, I was literally pregnant and I didn't know."

The ‘La Hora Loca’ singer can’t wait to “hit up all the mamas” in her friendship circle for advice, including 'Orange Is The New Black' co-stars Laura Prepon and Danielle Brooks, and model Ashley Graham, who is also pregnant with twins.

She added: "I want to hit up all the mamas."

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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