CONWAY — School Superintendent Kevin Richard read the following statement at Monday night's Conway School Board meeting regarding a recent football camp incident involving students' killing of a duck.

"We would like to read the following statement involving several students at the Kennett High School football camp in Moultonborough.

"We acknowledge that a heinous event occurred that resulted in the death of a duck by a member of the football team. Several boys were involved with one of the boys striking the duck and severely injuring the duck. Another boy euthanized the duck to end the suffering.

"The incident was not made known to the coach or athletic director for a period of over a week.

"As soon as staff was aware, an investigation took place. When staff found out about the event, an investigation was done by the coach and athletic director. The police and N.H. Fish and Game were notified and they also investigated the incident. It is important to note that the school districts works independently of the criminal system.

"Students involved received varying levels of consequences and supports. The response by the school has been multi-faceted and includes disciplinary action, educational programming, mental health assessment and community service. There will be no future overnight camps for the football team at this time.

"We have heard from many members of the community and share their concerns as this action is not acceptable nor is it reflective of all students at Kennett High School. We appreciate those who have offered constructive feedback to address the issue. The response by school officials is to do everything to make certain these students understand the severity and impact of their actions as well as take preventative measures to ensure that this will not occur again. We are also reviewing how and why such and event took place and what corrections need to be made so that this type of event does not occur again.

"We are hopeful that we can work with the community to educate and rehabilitate these individuals as well as prevent future events."

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