The affection one has to a vehicle is often a love/hate relationship. Cruising around the back roads of town, it’s fun to crank the music and perform that one-person karaoke to the reflection in the mirror, then quickly pull it together when there’s an approaching motorist.

As I stand on the doorstop to my 40s, I find myself finding more in common with my truck everyday. It seems that lately, especially now that things are cooling off outside, things don’t start as easy as they used to, and things are starting to make noise that shouldn’t. To make matters worse, whatever is causing those noises won’t likely be cheap to fix.

The mornings here in town have the brisk feel that autumn and the corresponding foliage are perfectly on time. The equipment at the town beaches have been stowed away, marking the end of another summer at the lake. Residents around the lake have been socked from in the early morning fog that signifies its cooling. Such a blanket is often mistaken for a cloudy morning, until one travels out from underneath, and the sun beams down into the eyes of us that mistakenly left the sunglasses at home.

Madison Public Library (in the John F. Chick room) will be a presenting Gender 101 on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 7 p.m. The program is designed to explore the concept of gender identity, explain the differences of between biological sex and gender, gender identity and gender expression, as well as gender and sexual orientation.

The topic may be considered controversial by some, however, if your own feelings of controversy are due to a lack of knowledge on the subject (I know that I have a lot to learn), allow me to personally invite you to come and listen. No RSVPs necessary, it’s free and open to all.

Driving around town, you may have seen the yellow signs delightfully crafted by the library in an effort for you to come in for your library card. Take that last sip of overly cooled coffee, finish the crossword, then head on down to get yours.

Newly gathered and energized Madison Democrats invite any and all Madison/Silver Lake residents to join. Ideas, political discussion, food and fellowship are all shared, and they look forward to making a major difference/change in the direction and future of our country by encouraging all to get involved in the upcoming election, and supporting and getting out the vote for our candidates up and down the ballot. For more information, contact Margaret Merrill at (603) 367-7346 or or Donna Veilleux at or (603) 986-1080.

Madison Church Food Pantry has a project called Happy Feet which provides clients and other families in Madison with $50 gift certificates for a shoe store to buy shoes, sneakers or boots for their children. If you would like to contribute to this, send a check to the Madison Church Food Pantry and put “Happy Feet” in the memo. The church is helping 35 children this year get new shoes.

Also at the church, The Moms & Kids Group meets weekly every Friday morning from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in the undercroft. The group is about building relationships, and having a safe place where moms and kids can be themselves and share.

If anyone is interested in helping, the church could use more hands for child care, donations of healthy snacks and wipes for the Mouse Room. Those interested in helping or for more information, email Lucy Smith at or Julie Boewe at

As you get ready to head to the local fairs to enjoy the cotton candy, pizza or other various foods not on any healthy diet menu, please remember the blood drive being put on by the American Red Cross at the Madison Elementary School, Oct. 4 from noon to 4:30 p.m. Who knows, the feeling you get from doing such a positive act may offset the sour tummies brought on by fried clams or Italian sausage.

Bob King can be contacted at

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