If you haven’t seen someone for a while, “Things have been busy” is the growing standard to the question “How’ve you been?” While this term is often ambiguous or all encompassing, it doesn’t seem to be the least bit untrue.

Yes, things here have been busy, and time spent doing the things in preparation for winter have been compounded by the anticipation of a newborn this winter. Daylight has yielded its time majority to the night, therefore leaving a waning amount of time for outdoor chores.

Driving through town, one may notice the plows have been hung by the DPW with care, in knowing the white and drifted snow soon will be here. The lake has been drawn low, and a bit of ice has started to form around the edges of the smaller ponds.

Some have also noticed a stack of concrete blocks at the boat ramp. This is to replace the failing ramp that currently sits in place, eroded from underneath due to an excess of power loading their boats onto a trailer. Power loading, is when one asks the boat engine to ramp up RPMs to make up for the lack of precision the driver executed to remove the craft from the lake. As the prop stirs the sand away from the ramp, block by block is displaced, which results in the state of disrepair that we are in.

From time to time, there are topics that gather the interest of the masses to return in droves to the polls. Next spring, it seems that everyone’s current favorite topic, Short-term-rentals are scheduled to make the list from the selectmen’s office. It seems that there yet maybe one from the planning board as well? It’s possible a third may come from petition.

While it’s early to forecast exactly what the wording will be, the options are likely to be phrased 1. Do you want the town to accept or ban STRs?, 2. Do you the town to accept and regulate STRs? 3. Should the town enforce current zoning that prohibits commercial practice in a residential zone? This is perhaps a mere dash more than speculation of what the articles will ask, but it’s worth checking out the meetings on TV (if you have spectrum), or online at madison-nh.org

Coming up in December at the Madison Library, is the holiday book sale and open house. Everyone is invited to the holiday party, Saturday, Dec. 11, from 9 a.m. to noon. Please join us, greet friends and neighbors and enjoy refreshments, conversation and holiday cheer! The Friends book sale is the perfect time to pick up those cozy winter reads and movies at prices that can’t be beat, and a little holiday shopping.

Join the library on Friday, Dec. 3 at 5:30 p.m. for hot chocolate and the lighting of the winter tree. This year, the library has doubled the fun. There will be hot chocolate, crafts for the kids and marshmallow roasting over the fire. The Madison Elementary Chorus will be singing holiday songs.

Budgets are in the midst of being compiled at the town office. The Advisory Budget Committee has reconvened every other Tuesday, alternating with the selectmen, after what was a short off-season, due to a May, 2021 town meeting. Preliminary budgets have been submitted by the department heads in anticipation for 2022.

Madison Elementary School and the school board has also been hard at work getting the numbers ready for the process of accepting and voting in just a couple short months. COVID has wreaked havoc for the town departments in the process of ordering. Delays on ordering and deliveries have proven to be difficult, and aren’t forecasted for improvement in 2022.

Kudos to you, if you’ve made your way through the town column. I know it’s not as interesting as some of the opinionated diatribe that floods the front section of the paper. “If it bleeds it leads,” a quote made famous by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, is ever prevalent, as even I’m guilty of flipping to the letters and political opinions to see who is calling someone else a name or attacking a view opposite of theirs.

It’s not befitting of a town columnist to chime in and opine views, so a high road is taken, and my opinions are contained to the scope of our lovely town. Not to say I don’t have them though. I suppose a little harmless dig wouldn’t hurt. Hey Tamworth, our frost heaves are bigger than yours.

Bob King can be contacted at rjking203@outlook.com.

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