Happy New Year to everyone! I doubt there is anyone anywhere who is not happy to see the year 2020 end. What a year it was, from the presence of this dangerous virus threatening populations everywhere, to the absence of toilet paper, anti-bacterial fluids, paper towels, butter, hamburger, cake mixes, etc. I think we may have some new chefs in some of the houses all over the world?

We did survive, together, with Zoom meetings, phone calls, 6-feet apart visits, email, take-out food from our favorite restaurants and the special family and friends who kept us together and relatively sane. Let’s please pray that the vaccine will work, the virus will stop spreading so fast, and that we can get back to “normal,” whatever that actually means, right?

My most sincere condolences to those who did not survive this tragic situation; I send peaceful thoughts to you and your families. Life took a very tragic turn for a lot of people.

Suzanne Raiche, our town clerk/tax collector, wants me to let you know that the Town Hall will be open the first and third Tuesday of every month from 5 to 7 p.m. for town business.

How many of you showed up on Christmas Eve at 5 p.m. to hear the melodious sound of our wonderful church bell ring on and on and on? What a magical moment for all of us to finally hear our bell peal out after at least a year. Huge congratulations to expert carpenter, Thomas Costello, to all his workers, to the Church Board for raising the money to rebuild our steeple, to all who donated from their hearts. I can tell you that the Town of Eaton is so proud of the work done, the dedication involved, all those behind the scenes, and we are all so happy to have our treasured Little White Church back with us, in its entirety. What an accomplishment for a small village. It shows what can happen when we all work together. Congratulations, Eaton.

Among the bell ringers on Christmas Eve were Alana MacDonald, her daughter Temmy Edge, and grandson Brian Quint. This year has been a very difficult year for all the Edges, and I send the warmest wishes for a happy new year to you all. We love you so much.

Marylou and Peter Down want to remind everyone that the Little Field Farm Stand on Route 153 just north of Purity Spring Resort, will be open every Saturday from 10 to 5 to provide all of you with delicious French croissants, dynamite New York style pizza, puffy cinnamon rolls, sweet tarts, perfect loaves of bread (secret recipe), yummy cookies, and all sorts of other delightful items. Go for breakfast or lunch or just to save up in your freezer. You don’t want to miss these great choices. Thanks Marylou and Peter (and Marylou, no shoveling or vacuuming).

The Eaton Village Store is continuing to serve up breakfast sandwiches and “filled to the brim” Reuben lunch sandwiches, plus all sorts of cheese and meat treats. That’s not all. If you want some wine, beer, bread, eggs, soda, milk or other store staples, just call (603) 447-2403 to make your order. Pay with a credit card and drive down for pick up. The Reubens with the smoked meat are outrageously good. We are lucky to have so many choices in our little town. Thanks Kate and Justin and Harry and Julia, too. I bet Poppy and Ruby are helping behind the scenes.

Snowvillage Inn has been quite busy serving in the dining room and providing take-out meals for you. I go at least once a week for a delectable meal with Nancy and Bob Malvesta. Snowvillage Inn is not open this weekend, but call and make an order or a reservation soon. Their locals’ Holiday Dinner Party menu was so great. Thanks Jen, Kev, Josh, all the wait on staff, all the kitchen help, and to Karen and Carrie for keeping all the reservations straight. Kudos to Shirley and Charlie, too. You’re all the best.

The post office has been extremely busy with delayed packages, so be patient and I hope your items will come in this week. Please check often so we can pare down all the packages and mail. Thanks from Carol and me. The Armenios were also driving around delivering presents. It takes a village, one I’m very happy to live in.

Start writing 2021 on your checks now. Welcome to 2021 and let’s have some snow dances soon.

The Eaton Town Hall will be closed this week to everyone. However, when they do open up again, what I said about being open from 5 to 7 p.m. every first and third Tuesday still stands.

Nancy E. Williams can be contacted at (603) 447-5635.

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