Mount Washington Valley Skating Club Competitors

Mount Washington Valley Skating Club members of all ages and abilities competed at the “Skate Your Heart Out” Skating Competition held at the Ice Vault in Hallowell, Maine. Laying down in front of group is Patrick Sandahl. Front row, from left: George Knowles, Amelia Barboza, Candice Pickering and Holly Pierce. Standing behind these skaters, from left: Julia Silvia, Olivia Sandahl, Jordan Goldblatt, Che Che Stoddard, Sativa Hoeflich, Jeni Wilder and Nina Stoddard. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Mount Washington Valley Club members competing in two skating competitions last month brought home a number of medals, including gold.

The first competition — Snowflake Skate — was held in Falmouth, Maine. There, the club’s Team Eaglets received the gold medal in the basic level team event. Skaters for the team included Amelia Barboza, Candice Pickering and Holly Pierce. Amelia, 5, Candice, 6, and Holly, 7.

Older school-aged Team Eagles also earned a first-place award in the freeskate-level team event. Skating in this event were Georgia Knowles, Jordan Goldblatt, Julia Silvia, Olivia Sandahl and Patrick Sandahl.

Skaters competing in individual competitions also received awards. Amelia Barboza skating in the Basic 2 with music placed second; Candice Pickering skating in Basic 2 with music placed first; and Holly Pierce skating in Basic 3 with music, placed third. Georgia Knowles skating in Pre-freeskate with music placed fourth.

Other skaters Patrick Sandahl, skating freeskate 1 with music, placed fourth; Julia Silvia, skating freeskate 2 with music, placed third; Jordan Goldblatt skating Freeskate 2 with music placed fourth; Olivia Sandahl, skating freeskate 2 with music, placed second; Jeni Wilder, skating adult pre-bronze pattern solo dance, placed first and Sativa Hoeflich skating Basic 6 with music placed first.

The second competition – Skate Your Heart Out – was held in Hallowell, Maine. Team Eaglets Amelia Barboza, Candice Pickering and Holly Pierce placed first again in the Basic Level team event. Team Eagles A skaters Georgia Knowles, Che Che Stoddard and Patrick Sandahl competing in the Freeskate level team event placed fourth. Team Eagles B skaters Jordan Goldblatt, Julia Silvia and Olivia Sandahl competing in the Freeskate level team event placed fourth.

Skaters competing in individual competitions receiving awards included: Amelia Barboza who placed second in Basic 2 with music; Candice Pickering who placed first in Basic 2 with music; and Holly Pierce who placed third in Basic 3 with music. Additionally, Sativa Hoeflich placed second in Basic 6 with music, first in Basic 6 Compulsory, and first in Basic 6 Showcase. Georgia Knowles placed third in the Pre-Freeskate with music event; Patrick Sandahl placed second in Freeskate 1 with music; and Che Che Stoddard placed third in Freeskate 2 with music. Jordan Goldblatt placed fourth in Freeskate 2 with music; Julia Silvia placed second in Freeskate 2 with music; and Olivia Sandahl placed third in Freeskate 2 with music.

Adult skaters also competed. Jeni Wilder placed first in Adult Bronze Compulsory, first in Adult Pre-Bronze Solo Dance Pattern, and first in Adult Bronze Showcase. Nina Stoddard placed first in Pre-Pre Moves, and first in Adult 4 with music.

Skaters competing were coached by Skating Director Monica Nicoll and Coach Stacy McAllister. Nicoll has been a competitive figure skater competing at national levels in Canada and West Germany and attained ISU Gold Test in figures and free skating. Prior to receiving her coaching certification, Nicoll spent a year and a half professionally skating with Holiday on Ice, a revue that combines the artistry of ice skating, ice dance and acrobatics with exciting music and extravagant costumes.

An area native, Stacy McAllister rejoined the Mount Washington Skating Club as a coach this year. McAllister began her skating career at the Ham Arena when it first opened and has been skating since the age of seven. She is a Professional Skaters Association rated coach in free skating, moves in the field, group instruction and hockey. She was the previous head coach and learn to skate director in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for several years and says that she is excited to be back to her hometown.

McAllister has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and is a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves in the field, Pewter Medalist in Freestyle, and Pre-Silver Dance Tests award winner. She says that the thing she loves most about coaching skating is “the look of excitement and satisfaction that my students get when they finally 'nail' a move. Whether it's finally learning how to skate backwards, being able to perform a well-executed one-foot spin, or performing to their potential at a skating competition- every goal met gives me so much joy. I love being able to give my students 'the tools to succeed', but really watching their own perseverance and dedication bring the move to life.”

Mount Washington Valley Skating Club is a member club of US Figure Skating Association. Local skaters and team members of all ages and abilities take lessons and practice skills under the direction of professional skating coaches during club ice time at Ham Arena in Conway. For more information about Mount Washington Valley Club, go to

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