KHS Class of 1969

About 28 classmates and significant others from Kennett High School’s Class of 1969 gather on the steps of the A. Crosby Kennett School (now the Middle School and Rec Center) for a class picture on Saturday, Oct. 26. Back row, from left: Michael Morton, Steven Smith, Albert Pevarnek, Ronald Streeter and David Jones; fifth row, from left: Ted Hounsell and Pamela Atwood; fourth row, from left: Timothy Quint, Candance Smith, Gerry Cluff, Debbie D’Amico, David Ainsworth and Edward Bickford; third row, from left: Janet Reny Quint and Kristine McKay Cluff; second row, from left: Christine Pennett Webster, David Dudley, Athea Sheaff and John Robinson; first row, from left: Cathy Clark Hutchins, Sharon Meader Bailey, Marion Brown Pevarnek and Betsy Newton Packard. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Kennett High School’s Class of 1969 celebrated its 50th reunion the weekend of Oct. 25-27 with three days of “laughter, friendship and nostalgia."

The weekend started off Friday evening with a gathering at Flatbread’s in North Conway for pizza, drinks, and reuniting with classmates. Approximately 25 classmates (and significant others) joined in on the fun. The evening continued with a number of alumni attending the Kennett/Bow football game.

Unfortunately, Kennett was not victorious, and it brought back many memories, as the KHS football team of 1969 only won two games that year. The attending classmates were happily surprised by the announcer recognizing them during the halftime break, pointing out that there were several alumni football players, as well as two cheerleaders, in attendance.

The festivities continued Saturday morning with a gathering of about 28 classmates and significant others on the steps of the A. Crosby Kennett School (now the Middle School and Rec Center) for a class picture, followed by a nostalgic tour of the building (and many fun stories), compliments of Brian Wiggin and Saralyn Smith.

Fifty-eight members of the Class of 1969 gathered Saturday evening at the North Conway Country Club for an evening of laughter, friendship and dancing. A delicious buffet was enjoyed and music was provided by the Simon Crawford Band, with band member and classmate Damon Bolduc playing the bass.

Classmates got plenty of nostalgia from the PowerPoint presentation (over 200 slides) that played throughout the night. Photos from kindergarten through their 40th reunion brought back many memories. Classmates also got a chance to remember those that are no longer with us, by visiting the in memoriam board, displaying each departed member’s senior picture.

Members also got to vote on their choice for a class gift, to be presented to Kennett High School at a later date.

The final gatherings on Sunday started with a brunch at the Red Fox in Jackson, with nearly 30 people in attendance. After more reminiscing and with full bellies, many of the members of the Class of 1969 walked over to the Jackson Covered Bridge in the rain, where they held a beautiful ceremony to remember each classmate no longer with us.

The ceremony started off with Sharon (Meader) Bailey reading the following remarks, written by her husband, Ken:

“We are gathered here on the Honeymoon Covered Bridge in Jackson which spans the waters of the Ellis River to remember our departed classmates. This bridge represents the present, the flowing waters symbolizes time, the waters above the bridge is time yet to come and, the waters below the bridge is time that has passed. Twenty-one of our classmates are now in the waters below the bridge. As a token of our love, we will remember each of these classmates with flowers of black and white — our school colors.”

This was followed by individual members of the class saying a few words about their fellow classmate who is no longer with us, followed by the tossing of a carnation (white for the women and black for the men) off the bridge into the Ellis River. There was no loss for laughter and tears as those departed were remembered and those present felt a healing for their missing friends. The moving ceremony ended with a moment of silence.

With the heavens shedding its tears for those no longer with us, the Class of 1969 said their goodbyes, vowing to gather again, but not waiting 50 more years.

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