CONWAY —  Applications are now available for Memorial Hospital’s annual scholarship fund, including the Memorial Hospital Scholarship; the Memorial Hospital Volunteers Scholarship Program; and the Visiting Nurse Home Care and Hospice of Carroll County Kathleen Sheehan Memorial Award. The hospital’s scholarship awards are designed to support students in the community pursuing careers in health-related fields.

“It’s never been more important to support local students in health-care studies. They represent the future of care in our community. Memorial Hospital, along with our volunteers and Visiting Nurse Home Care and Hospice of Carroll County, are pleased to award these scholarships every year,” said Memorial Hospital Communications and Public Affairs Director Kathy Bennett.

The scholarship program specifically seeks to assist those students within the hospital’s service area (towns served by SAU 9, SAU 13 and MSAD 72) who have already demonstrated the successful completion of part of a higher education degree. Adult learners returning to school, changing careers or seeking additional education are encouraged to apply. Students must be accepted into an accredited course of study in a health-related field on at least a half-time basis and demonstrate successful completion of some earlier portion of their program of study. Each scholarship has its own criteria and interested students are encouraged to view the application online for specifics.

Memorial Hospital Scholarships (up to $4,500) — The applicant must be a high school senior going into a health related field or a college student in a health related field. The student must be from SAU 9, SAD 72 or SAU 13. He or she can also be a son, daughter or grandson/daughter of an employee or a Memorial Hospital volunteer. The Memorial Hospital Scholarship is also available to Memorial Hospital employees who are attending college in a health related field.

Kathleen Sheehan Memorial Award (up to $1,000) — The applicant must be currently enrolled in an accredited health related field of study program and reside in Carroll County, NH or Western Maine.

Memorial Hospital Volunteers Scholarship Program (up to $5,000) — The applicant must be an employee or Memorial Hospital volunteer or the relative of an employee of Memorial Hospital or of a Memorial Hospital volunteer who is pursuing health related studies on a full time basis.

Memorial Hospital Volunteers Healthcare Studies Scholarship — (up to $1,000) - The applicant must be a Kennett High School graduating senior pursuing healthcare studies.

Candidates must submit an application form online no later than April 1. Only online applications will be considered. Awards are based on scholastic ability, applicable work experience, essay and demonstrated financial need.

The online application and more information are available online at Memorial Hospital’s website,

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