CONWAY —  How you report your health insurance coverage on your taxes depends on where your health insurance comes from.  

Here is a quick guide to the most common types of health insurance and how to report them when you’re filing your taxes.

Marketplace plan with premium tax credits

You should receive Form 1095-A in the mail by mid-February. You may access it online at your Marketplace account by mid-January.

You must file taxes in 2019 if you received premium tax credits. Be sure to verify that the information on your 1095A form is correct.

If it is not correct call the Marketplace at (800) 318-2596.

You will need to reconcile the amount of premium tax credits used.

Complete Form 8962 to reconcile your credits and file this form with your taxes. Retain your 1095-A with your records.

Marketplace plans without premium tax credits

You should receive Form 1095-A in the mail by mid-February. It will also be available online for download. You must file 2019 taxes even if you normally do not file taxes.

Job-based health insurance

You may receive Form 1095-B or Form 1095-C by mid-March.

Be sure to read parts II and IV on 1095-B or parts II and II on 1095-C to see information about job-based coverage, individuals covered and when they were covered during 2019.  

Other health coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP

You may receive Form 1095-B by mid-March. Be sure to read parts III and IV to find out information about your coverage.

No health coverage for 2019

You will not receive Form 1095-A. You will not have to pay a penalty.

If you need assistance accessing your 1095-A online contact Beth Dyson, Affordable Healthcare Assister for free help at White Mountain Community Health Center.

Call the office for an appointment (603) 447-8900.

Dyson is available Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoon.

White Mountain Community Health Center is located in Conway and provides comprehensive primary care to men, women and children, including dental care, a prenatal program, and support services.

The health center is a non-profit working to ensure that all can access high-quality health care, regardless of ability to pay.  

For more information about the health center, go to or call (603) 447-8900.

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