CONWAY —  Trish Murray, D.O., was recently honored with the Heart of the Community Award from the Business Acceleration Network during the 13th Business Acceleration Summit in Orlando, Fla.  

This award is given to an individual or business that is working toward bringing the community together; also known as a “Community Liaison.”

Dr. Murray was selected for her leadership at Discover Health Functional Medicine Center in Conway, where the powerful effects of community support and accountability help people transform their health.

Through quarterly live events, monthly webinars, podcasts and weekly group classes on relevant health topics, Murray brings patients and providers together around common interests.

With community support, patients have lost weight, reduced inflammation, minimized medications, gained energy and improved by 50 percent or more on a scored assessment of chronic symptoms.

In accepting the award, Dr. Murray said, “Inflammation is the underlying cause of chronic disease. Research has shown that isolation causes peoples’ inflammation markers to rise. This is why community is at the heart of my practice.”

Murray has worked intentionally to bring a community of providers together in her building around a common goal of helping people optimize their quality of life. She has created a wellness center filled with complementary healing practices, including functional medicine, energy medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, health coaching, yoga, applied movement neurology, massage therapy, zero balancing, and couples coaching.

Murray’s ultimate goal has been to create a trusted, reliable resource within the community that gives people multiple options to find the best fit for them on their personal health journey.

Murray believes, with her heart and soul, that everyone’s health journey is different and being part of a diverse healing community is the best way to help each person take control of their health and transform their life.

To learn more or join this community, go to the Discover Health FMC website at  or “DiscoverHealthFunctionalMedicineCenter” on Facebook.

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