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Photo caption: Smoke alarms save lives! Brownfield residents can request an appointment for free smoke alarm installation by calling 935-2885 or emailing Brownfield Fire Department and the Red Cross will follow up.

BROWNFIELD, Maine — The Red Cross and the Brownfield Fire Department are teaming up to make homes safer with free smoke alarms and home fire safety education.

Brownfield residents can request appointments for free smoke alarm installation by calling (207) 935-2885 or emailing The Red Cross and Fire Department will follow up.​

“We urge you to take advantage of this free service. Home fires are a real threat to our communities,” said Brownfield Fire Chief Richard Perreault. “When a home fire strikes, you may have as little as two minutes to escape. Properly placed, working smoke alarms can — and do — save lives.”

Smoke alarms provide an early warning that can make all the difference. Working smoke alarms reduce the risk of death by half and an escape plan further improves the odds of survival. Many people do not realize that smoke alarms have a 10-year lifespan and need to be replaced.

“Seven people die every day in home fires — more than all other natural disasters combined,” said Melissa Condon, the Red Cross disaster program manager for Oxford County. “Three out of five home fire deaths take place in homes where the smoke alarms were not working properly or where there weren’t any smoke alarms at all.”

The Red Cross launched its Home Fire Campaign in 2014 to reduce home fire deaths and injuries. The Red Cross and its partners have installed more than 1.8 million free smoke alarms nationwide, making nearly 774,000 homes safer. At least 610 lives – including 11 lives in Maine – have been saved because of these efforts.

For more information, go to, find MaineRedCross on Facebook, ARC_Maine on Twitter and maineredcross on Instagram.

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