Kayla Koo and James Van Nuland, staffers at Zeb's General Store in North Conway Village, sit in the new truck next to the store. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — After many years of driving his Model A truck, Zebulon Northrop Tilton, has replaced his vehicle with a newly restored 1926 Chevy Huckster.

Zebulon (known as “Zeb”) is the character for whom Zeb’s General Store, at 2675 White Mountain Highway in North Conway, is named.

According to the store’s website, “Zeb would have enjoyed taking a lady friend for a Sunday drive in our Model A truck, or making an early morning dock delivery.”

Now he’s shifted his allegiance from Ford to Chevy. It’s the 1920s, after all, and the Chevy brand under the new General Motors Co. is giving Ford some competition with its new Special K chassis and a three-speed manual transmission.

Sales of this new vehicle has been brisk and will give Henry Ford something to consider as he continues to roll out his model T’s.

But, whether it’s a Chevy or Ford, Zeb’s truck will still be parked beside his store in North Conway.

It is a striking vehicle, complete with wooden spokes and a polished rear cab. Zeb would have been thrilled to have such improvement to his transportation.

Although Zeb’s was founded in 1991, you feel as though Zeb could walk in at any moment. The old-fashioned aisles offer everything from maple syrup, mustards and pancake mixes to penny candy.

“I think it appeals to you, no matter what your age, whether you’re 5 or a grandparent,” said co-owner David Peterson. Over 5,000 unique products, all presented in an incredible display of antique store fixtures.

For more on Zeb’s (and Zebulon Tilton), go to zebs.com.

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