CONWAY — The Young Law Firm has been representing clients in the valley since January 2014.

Robert Young attended Albany (N.Y.) Law School and graduated in 2003. During his law school years, Young said he experimented with different courses until he found the ones he liked.

He says he was attracted to the law by the idea of “speaking for those who are unable to speak for themselves.” Young said when he sees people “in situations that are so disadvantaged, where the playing field is just so unequal, and then that I’m able to level that playing field, or as close to level as possible — that is what makes me get up every morning.”

After working at a firm in Albany, N.Y., he said the decision in 2013 to move to the Mount Washington Valley felt right. “At the time, the mother of my children ended up getting a teaching job, and asked me to give New Hampshire a chance. I did, and now I’ve been living here six years.” Young said.

Young, 40, handles many different types of law on a regular basis. Most commonly, they include: personal injury cases, Social Security/disability, workers compensation, divorce, family law, landlord-tenant cases and some criminal cases.

He also works as a court-appointed defender in all 10 New Hampshire counties in matters of child abuse/neglect and cases regarding the termination of parental rights. Young also does income tax work.

Although the move to New Hampshire was motivated by his children — he has a son who’s 12 and a daughter, 9 — Young says the area also provides him with an environment that relieves the burden of challenging cases.

“Say, I’m getting overwhelmed at work, I have Davis Park nearby, I can walk down there, have lunch and look at the Saco. It’s extremely calming.”

Also an involved member of the community, Robert Young has been an active member of the Rotary Club since his move to the valley, and has served as president since 2018.

The Young Law Firm is a one-man-operation, something unusual for a lawyer of his stature. But Young feels this gives his clients a more personal experience. He promises your call or message will always reach his desk.

Young has a “no-appointment” policy, meaning that instead of scheduling weeks ahead and feeling frustrated by the slow judicial process, he provides his clients with simple and easy access to legal representation. “I tell people, just give me an hour or so notice, and I can almost always accommodate you.”

For more information about the Young Law Firm, you can call (603) 662-0177, email or stop by the office at 43 Washington St. in Conway Village.

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