'The First 30 Years" Trivia winner for the month of May is David Lottmann of Conway. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Congratulations to David Lottmann of Conway, whose entry was randomly selected from those of hundreds of trivia buffs who participated in The Conway Daily Sun’s “The First 30 Years” Trivia Contest for May.

He won a $50 gift certificate from Sea Dog Brewing Co.

The Sun is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and the paper is presenting a number of online trivia contests highlighting one of those years.

The May edition was about events that took place in the valley in 2006.

Lottman is a professional mountain guide for Northeast Mountaineering. He said he has been following James Holzhauer’s amazing winning streak on TV's "Jeopardy!" and this interest prompted him to give The Conway Daily Sun’s trivia contest a try.

When he was notified he was this month’s winner, his reaction was: “Great news, thank you! That was a fun quiz."

Lottman's lifelong devotion to rock climbing and recreational education has served him well. After a stint in the Marine Corps, he was hired as a rock and ice instructor.

His credentials now include: course leader for the Institute for Avalanche Awareness Education, Wilderness First Responder and volunteer member of the Mountain Rescue Service. (Incidentally, Lottman praised the Sun for its covering and publishing mountaineering education and safety articles.)

Asked what his most exciting adventure might be, especially with his background in rock climbing, search and Rescue, and wilderness training, Lottman responded: "Parenting is the most challenging, unpredictible and the most rewarding."

He lives in Conway with wife Michelle Cruz, who works at the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce as events and rec path administrator, and their two children, Alex, 7, and Madalena, 3. Lottman runs his own blog at northeastalpinestart.com.

The May trivia contest is still available for viewing on the Sun website. Go to conwaydailysun.com/30th_anniversary/trivia/2006/#/questions/2085679.

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