Celebrating the new exhibit at the MWV Children’s Museum in North Conway are (from left) Board President Cindy Graham; Special Events Coordinator Cindy Prouty; Executive Director Shelly Morin; Bob Murphy of the Kendall C. and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation; and Peter Edwards of the Zeb’s Charitable Fund. (KATE FOWLER PHOTO)

CONWAY — Thanks to a local grant, the Mt. Washington Valley Children’s Museum will be purchasing a unique exhibit called the “Why I Feel That Way” Exhibit.

The exhibit was developed by staff from the Cleveland Children’s Museum.

The purchase was made possible by generous donations of $12,000 from the Ham Foundation and $6,000 from Zeb’s Charitable Fund.

The exhibit is professionally designed and children of all ages will gain an understanding of the many aspects of their daily lives that appear to be magical but can often be explained through the principles of math and science.

The exhibit will be housed at the museum headquarters on White Mountain Highway.

Shelly Morin, executive director of the museum, said: “We are so thrilled to be able to expand our activities by offering this amazing new exhibit to our members and the public. I cannot thank the Ham Foundation and Zeb’s enough for making this possible.”

David Peterson, co-owner of Zeb’s, expressed his appreciation for all that the museum has done in the community to entertain and teach children.

“Supporting programs that help youth in the valley has been a primary mission of the Zeb’s Charitable Fund,” Peterson said.

“We have provided financial assistance to the museum before and this significant enhancement to the museum is one we are pleased to support,” he said.

Similarly, Bob Murphy, president of the Ham Foundation, commented how the foundation wanted to help the museum as it such an important community asset.

“We also recognize what the Children’s Museum has done for the valley and how purchases such as Abracadabra will further the strategy of the museum to expand its theme-based activity rooms,” Murphy said.

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