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The staff of Eastern Inn and Suites are shown at the North Conway resort Monday (from left): Zoran Arsov, Kelly Stevens, Paul Hagerty, Bob Blauvelt and Guillermina McClurg. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — On Monday, the management of Eastern Inn and Suites of North Conway invited their current employees, along with recently laid-off employees, back to the property.

Everyone was provided with a box of frozen food for their families and rolls of toilet paper, according to General Manager Jon Sallinen, who noted that the inn had temporarily closed beginning March 18, a closure that would remain in effect until April 3, subject to change.

Said Sallinen: “Working with the board of directors of Eastern Inn and Suites Homeowners Association, we immediately decided to assist in these uncertain times with our team members.”

He went on to say, “After I heard of some other New England hotels that were closed and some of their ownerships’ biggest fear was with current and laid-off employees coming back to the hotel with bags to gather items of need. I decided we need to work quickly and tell our staff to bring a bag to collect our offerings for them on Monday.”

He said that Tim George of Dennis Foods was happy to get an order together so they wouldn’t take away available food from the grocery stores that are already feeling the crunch.

“We value the team for being staff members but most importantly we are in this together as we are all human beings. We hope we can re-open as soon as possible and get everyone back to normal,” said Sallinen.

For more information, call (603) 356-5447 or go to easterninns.com.

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