Hello to all of you out there — how is everyone handling the warm, sunny weather (finally) after a long winter and a longer March, April and half of May? Enjoy every day and moment of it and be prepared for the bugs, which come with warm weather!

North Country Men's Softball President Travis L'Hereux and his team captains, Jameson Levesque, Luke Enman, Bryan Hood and Ryan Richards selected their teams through a special draft Monday night.

The team sponsors include: Berlin City, Go Time (Robbie Munce), Remax (Chris Lunn) and the Land (Nick Fournier). This is a modified men's league and they will begin playing on June 8, with games at Libby's Field, 6 and 7:30 p.m. There may still be time to register if you haven't already, by calling Travis at (603) 733-7125. Nice to see modified softball coming back on the scene — all we need now is a league for men 70-and-older!

The goalie challenge did not work out quite like I expected with only a few responses but the ones I got were excellent and much appreciated — look for a couple of installments of them later next week.

I had the privilege of visiting with sports enthusiasts Peter Allain and Marcel Couture in the parking lot of Tractor Supply the other day. I always enjoy our conversations mainly about sports with guys like that. Then later spent about an hour on the phone with former student/athlete Peter Donovan talking goaltending (where is your story Peter?!) among many other topics. Thanks guys for taking the time to chat with me.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more on summer sports, including Babe Ruth Baseball. You can still register and get information for the 13-15-year-old program by going to the Berlin-Gorham Babe Ruth website. I can't imagine a summer going by without tee-ball, farm league, Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth baseball, and all the recreation department playground events. Hopefully, they will open things up soon.

The other day while handing out food at Harvest Church, I did see some teen boys at Memorial Field tossing a baseball around and taking some batting practice — and yes, they were socially distancing I'm sure. By the way. The kitchen staff and the rest of the crew there do an incredible job of feeding up to 200 people on any given Wednesday — quite a community reaching ministry for sure.”

To finish up with this past Sunday's festivities honoring the the local championship teams of the Berlin-Gorham boys’ and girls’ hockey teams and Berlin's Unified basketball team, I think I forgot to mention that the local ambulance service was on hand also as part of the escort service for the day. Thank you.

Here are a couple of more quotes from the Principal at Berlin Middle-High School, Mike Kelley and B-G boys’ hockey Coach Mike Poulin: "I really enjoyed seeing the athletes and their families on Sunday. At the arena, we are one big family and I certainly miss my hockey family.

“A big thank you goes out to Craig Melanson for organizing this great event. We were well represented by the administration as well, Jen Corrigan and Billy Goodrich from Gorham and Julie King and Mike Kelley (who both went to every house) from Berlin.

“The support from the local police departemnts, fire departments, and sheriffs department was incredible, too! The neighbors of all the athletes watched as the parade went to their houses. In these uncertain times, we as a community still showed the athletes that they are loved and supported. The memories created Sunday will last forever for all that were involved. Thanks for the continued coverage!"

Berlin Middle High School Principal Kelley added: “What a beautiful day for our Berlin athletes and families! We were able to stop at each athlete's house and congratulate them personally, which was as good as we could do during this pandemic. This day was precious for all of us.”

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