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A player jumps for the bal in a recent North Country Men’s Basketball League competition. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Summer has finally arrived with some great weather, including hot and humid conditions along with sunny, beautiful blue skies and more to come. It does make one forget about the weather from last October to mid-June. Enjoy it while you can.

To lead off today’s column, I have received a few communications (and truly appreciate the input — it means someone is reading) about the comment I made regarding Grant Lavigne striving to be the first New Hampshire native to make a Major League Baseball team as a position player.

To clarify things, let me say that, a position player involves one of the eight positions in the field, not counting the pitcher.

There have been numerous New Hampshire natives who pitched in the major leagues and there have been numerous position players from New Hampshire (but not natives) who have played in the majors.

We hope and pray that Grant will continue to work hard every day, improve and achieve that “never been done before” quest.

There was plenty of action this past week in local sports, and fortunately I have always been blessed in this job to have good people around me who send me material regarding results, summaries, and highlights of local sporting events. Today is no exception. 

Fred Gilbert and Jessica Pelletier for Go Kart Racing; Evan Arsenault, president of the North Country Men’s Baskeball League; Steve Flynn for co-Ed softball; and Craig Langlois, coach of Cal Ripken 12 and Under baseball all send me valuable information about those sports. They are included in today’s column. Thanks to all for your help.

Road Warriors

The Berlin-Gorham Road Warriors Babe Ruth Baseball Team was in Exeter this past weekend to take part in the regional and state finals. 

Coach Duane Johnson told me that they beat Exeter, 17-2, with Kolin Melanson and Brody Labounty having three hits apiece. 

Carter Poulin, Landyn Croteau, Anthony Pizzuto and Jeremyiah Dow chipped in with multiple hits.

Poulin got the win with a strong performance on the mound and Kameron Huntoon finishing up.

Monday at 2 p.m., the Road Warriors were scheduled to play Londonderry in the District A Pool Finals. Results were not available at press time, but Londonderry would have to beat the Warriors twice, as they are undefeated, in order to win.

Co-ed softball

Steven Flynn sent this information along to me regarding the upcoming co-ed softball tourney, scheduled for July 19-21 (believe it or not, that is next weekend).

“Calling all softball players near and far, The third annual Gorham Co-ed Lob Pitch Tournament will take place on July 20-21, at Libby’s and Promenade Field. 

New this year will be a home run derby which will take place Friday, July 19, at Promenade Field starting around 5:30 p.m. 

The homerun derby will be $10 a person and is also coed, with male and female divisions.

It’s not too late to register your team for the tournament as registration closes July 12.

The entry fee is $200 and guarantees your team four games.

All of the information can be found on Facebook at “The 3rd Annual Gorham Co-ed Lob Pitch Tournament.”

If you do not have Facebook and our interested in the tournament, please message Steven Flynn at or (603) 723-6315. Any local business interested in making a donation in any way can also contact Flynn. 

At this time, Mike Chabot has reached out and donated some softballs for the tournament, and Nathan Corrigan is willing to donate trophies for the top two teams. Flyn thanked them for their support again this year.

All money raised will go to benefit the Gorham Rec. Department.

Bicycle racing

The Mason & Mason Insurance Summer Mountain Bike Race Series will take place tonight, 3:30-7 p.m., at Great Glen Trails at the Mt. Washington Auto Road. Stop by and check it out.


Thanks to Evan Arsenault, here are the results for last week’s North Country Men’s Basketball League competition, as well as upcoming games.

Week 3 Results:

Bye: (1-1) Mr. Pizza

Game 1: (2-1) Remax, 79; (0-3) Kids Only, 78.

Remax: Josbert Villanueva, 27; Zach Knowlton, 15; Matt Kristoff and River Baker, 11.

Kids Only: Zeke Pribbernow, 22; Sinciere Davis, 22; Nas Davis, 11.

Game 2: (3-0) Caron’s, 83; (2-1) H&R Block, 74.

Caron’s: Yiram Villanueva, 22; Dylan Haynes, 19; Jesse Arsenault, 17.

H&R Block: Joey Fodor, 30; Seth Balderrama, 22; Cam Cochran, 10.

Game 3: (1-1) Berlin City, 78; (0-2) T&C, 71.

Berlin City:  Brandon Sowers, 24; Evan Arsenault, 18; Jarrett Bean, 16.

T&C: Austin Lesperance, 20; Thomas Stapinski, 13; Jordan Wheelock, 12.

Upcoming games, Wednesday July 10, at Gorham High School:

6:15 p.m.: Remax vs. Caron’s.

7:30 p.m.: T&C vs. Mr. Pizza.

8:45 p.m.: H&R Block vs. Berlin City.

Go kart racing

Jessica Pelletier, with help from Fred Gilbert sent the following information/results from Sunday’s North Country Family Restaurant Go Kart competition in Groveton.

North Country Family Resturaunt Go Karts

Rookie A Heat

Kart No.  Driver Name.

1. 3NH, Kade Kenison.

2. 95, Hayden Bushey.

3. 75, Drew Fecteau.

4. 6, Conner Charbonneau.

5. 1, Mikeljon Mascitti.

Rookie A Feaure

1. 3NH, Kade Kenison.

2. 95, Hayden Bushey.

3. 6, Conner Charbonneau.

4. 75, Drew Fecteau.

5. 1, Mikeljon Mascitti.

Rookie B Heat

1. 29, Alexis Lundblad.

2. 6JR, Noah Charbonneau.

3. 19, Maddox Kenison.

4. 28, Ethan Lundblad.

5. O6, Aidaen Palmer.

Rookie B Feature

1. O6, Aidaen Palmer.

2. 29, Alexis Lundblad.

3. 28, Ethan Lundblad.

4. 6JR, Noah Charbonneau.

5. 19, Maddox Kenison.

Jr Mini Pro Heat

1. 28, Evan Gilbert.

2. 55, Brandon Sheldon.

3. 99, Makenna Merchant.

4. 22, Logan Farnsworth.

5. O5, Autumn Bushey.

Jr Mini Pro Feature.

1. 55, Brandon Sheldon.

2. 99, Makenna Merchant.

3. O5, Autumn Bushey.

4. 22, Logan Farnsworth.

5. 28, Evan Gilbert.

Mini Pro Heat

1. O5, Autumn Bushey.

2. 22, Logan Farnsworth.

3. 28, Evan Gilbert.

4. 55, Brandon Sheldon.

5. 44, Kamryn Ledger.

Mini Pro Feature

1. O5, Autumn Bushey.

2. 22, Logan Farnsworth.

3. 44, Kamryn Ledger

4. 55, Brandon Sheldon.

5. 28, Evan Gilbert.

Pro Heat

1. 12, Brian Rogers.

2. 18, Kaiden Fisher.

3. 75, Andrew Fecteau Sr.

4. 1, Cooper Robinson.

5. 15, Cody Brown.

Pro Feature

1. 18, Kaiden Fisher.

2. 12, Brian Rogers.

3. 15, Cody Brown.

4. 75, Andrew Fecteau Sr.

5. 1, Cooper Robinson.

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