The Berlin-Gorham Road Warriors 14 and Under Babe Ruth Team lost to a very talented Nashua team, 8-0, in the New Hampshire State Finals on Monday

There was no score until the fourth inning, when Nashua took advantage of some mental and physical errors by the Road Warriors, to score six runs, five of them unearned, and take the wind right out of the sails for the local boys.

Nashua scored eight runs on six hits, while Berlin-Gorham had no runs on five hits, one each off the bats of Kolin Melanson, Brody Duquette, Anthony Pizzuto, Carter Poulin and Brody Labounty. Both Labounty (who put in five innings of solid pitching) and Melanson toed the rubber and did well. Of special note, Melanson made three great catches in the outfield to aid his team defensively.

Coach Duane Johnson spoke highly of his team, saying: “We played a great Nashua team but we didn’t seem to have the confidence that has been present all season long and we seemed a bit intimidated, and therefore couldn’t get the momentum going. Regardless of the outcome of that game, we are the second best 14 and Under Babe Ruth Team in New Hampshire and we had an amazing season, with a final record of 21-5. The boys worked hard and were dedicated from start to finish.”

They will finish up that successful season with the Pat Forestall Invitational this weekend at Memorial Field, beginning Friday night with a 6 p.m. game with Berlin-Gorham hosting Woodsville.

The first game of the day on Saturday will be at 9 a.m., Berlin-Gorham vs. Exeter 13; at noon, Keene vs Exeter 15; 2 p.m., Woodsville vs. Exeter 13; 4 p.m., Berlin-Gorham vs. Exeter 15; 6 p.m., Keene vs. Woodsville.

Sunday will be starting off with a 9 a.m. game featuring Keene vs. Exeter 13; 11 a.m., Exeter 15 vs. No. 1 seed; 1 p.m., No. 2 seed vs. No. 3 seed; and finals at 3 p.m. Lots of exciting baseball to witness.

I must confess, with conflicting schedules, I have yet to see these boys play and look forward to being able to do that at some point this weekend.

Having been involved in baseball at all levels in the 1980s, ’90s and 2000s, I know the commitment it takes to play summer ball, and not everyone wants to or can make it a priority.

Back when I was involved, Melinda and I had to juggle our schedules, with both of us working, me on the farm, her at the office, try to figure out who was going with each of our sons (going three ways was tough at times!), plus have weather issues to deal with and so forth.

I am sure my Dad, although always very supportive, must have got a bit frustrated at times, when we were traveling all over the state for baseball games when the weather was perfect for cutting and baling hay. Somehow we always managed.

We were cutting up to 10,000 bales of hay, now I do 3,000 and feel like I have accomplished much. It comes with age.

This group of ballplayers, as well as coaches, parents and fans are all part of the success the Berlin-Gorham Road Warriors have had.

My hat goes off to all of them.

Now all they have to do is win the tournament championship this coming weekend.

A big “thank you” goes out to Coach DJ and Rick Mercier for filling me in on all of the details of the season!

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