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Kenny Lavoie of Gorham (left) will be participating in the Rocky Marciano Tournament of Championson Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Bridgewater Vets Club, 85 Cottage St., in Bridgewater, Mass. The22-year-old middleweight boxer has been training with Dick Kimber (right), former three-timeworld kickboxing champion since February at the Bodyline in Berlin. As a newlywed with onechild, Lavoie is seeking support from local businesses to cover expenses. (RITA DUBE PHOTO)

BERLIN — Local boxer Ken Lavoie, who will be competing in the Rocky Marciano Championship boxing match at the Bridgewater Veterans Gym on Dec. 14, has long been interested in boxing but only recently took up the sport when it became possible to train for it in Berlin.

A life-long resident of Gorham, Lavoie has always enjoyed competitive sports, including basketball, soccer and baseball.

“As I got into the teen years, I drifted away from sports, got into the party scene which was the beginning of my downfall,” he said. “Things got so bad that over the next four or five years. I was literally fighting for my life, against an evil that affects many — drug addiction.”

Eventually, Lavoie “escaped” that evil and he did it, he said, by “making a choice to fully acknowledge my mistakes and my addictions and deal with them. And eventually I was able to get clean, establish and chase some dreams and leave no stone unturned.”   

Lavoie is now married, with a healthy son and a daughter on the way. He is, he said, “a blessed man.”

About a year ago, as he was working out at a local gym, happened to meet up with the legendary boxer, fitness trainer and encourager Dick Kimber.  

“I casually mentioned to him I had a dream of some day becoming a champion boxer,” he said.

He was at the right place at the right time and talking to the right man.

Kimber became Lavoie’s personal trainer and coach, and in less than a year, the 22-year-old middleweight shed 80 pounds, replacing it with muscle.

“I soaked up all the information, techniques and training tips I could from Mr. Kimber and made a vow that I was not only ready to compete but planned to win some boxing championships along the way,” he said.

The sport of boxing has been a very special outlet for Lavoie and he is thankful for a great support system, including Kimber, his wife Tiffany, his dad, his son and many others, he said, especially  P.J. and Michelle Cyr for sponsoring and encouraging him.

Lavoie said: “We all have greatness inside of us but it comes down to making good choices and pursuing dreams that lead to turning our lives around. If I did it, where I was at in addiction, so can anyone.”

Kimber said: “Because of who Ken has become as a person and his approach to training, including hard work, dedication, his speed, quickness and strength, as well as learning and applying boxing techniques, he is becoming a great, up-and-coming fighter with the potential to be a champion one day.”

Lavoie is on that road and already won one match in late October, and is now preparing to take part in the Marciano Championship fight on the 14 of December, in Bridgewater, Mass., beginning at 7 p.m.

Kimber believes there are people in the North Country who have boxing talent, and said, “I would like to expose that talent, plus I need help in getting sponsors to support Ken in his quest for success in the sport of boxing.”

Kimber can be reached at (603) 723-2659, regarding boxing, sponsor interest and any requests for further information.

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