FRANCONIA —The Gorham ski team travelled to Cannon/Mittersill for a pair of slalom races in soggy conditions on Friday, Jan. 10.

The main event was the combined-time, two-run race in the morning, completing the second half of the White Mountain High School Series with all of the Division IV teams there — 164 racers (95 boys and 69 girls) representing 12 schools.

This was followed by a separate, one-run race in the afternoon, though four schools bowed out due to fear of deteriorating travel conditions.

At the end of the day, the top 10 skiers from the morning race were recognized, including Gorham’s Ben Harmon, who finished ninth.

The morning boys race was won by Jacob Morris (Lin-Wood, 1:06.15) while Madison McLaren (Profile, 1:04.76) took top honors for the girls.

In the afternoon slalom, Adam Bell (Profile, 34.24) topped the boys and McClaren (33.62) gained her second win for the day.

The Gorham boys team placed fifth in both races, with the same top four finishers counting toward the team score:  Ben Harmon (ninth in 1:11.61 and 13th in 37.78 seconds), Nolan York (14th in 1:15.50 and 15th in 38.76), Teagan Leclerc (25th, 1:19.26; 21st, 41.19) and Tristan Robertson (30th, 1:22.47; 25th, 42.07). Other Gorham skiers were: Josh Godin (35th, 34th), Lex Mayerson (36th, 30th), Jake Bartlett (39th, 46th), Luke Olson (56th, 44th), and Abe Backler (57th, 48th).

With three skiers, the girls' team finished in eight place in the morning and seventh in the afternoon race. Amira Robertson was 20th (1:27.42; 45.19) in both races; Olivia Halle was 26th (1:34.07) and 25th (46.42). Eighth-grade newcomer Alexa Pelkey placed 52nd and 43rd.

Team scores:

Boys' morning race: Lin-Wood, 378; Profile, 373; Derryfield, 353; Hopkinton, 339; Gorham, 329; Sunapee, 326; Littleton, 300; Trinity, 274; Moultonborough, 264; Hillsborough-Deering (three skiers), 190; John Stark (one skier), 94.

Girls' morning race:  Profile, 388; Lin-Wood, 352; Hopkinton, 339; Derryfield, 329; Sunapee, 309; Littleton, 298; Trinity (three skiers), 259, Gorham (three skiers), 223; Moultonborough (three skiers), 205; Hillsborough-Deering (three skiers), 196; John Stark (two skiers), 184; Woodsville (three skiers), 138.

Boys' afternoon race:  Profile, 390; Lin-Wood, 365; Derryfield, 362; Sunapee, 355; Gorham, 335; Littleton, 317; Trinity, 298; Woodsville, 72.

Girls' afternoon race:  Profile, 385, Lin-Wood, 371; Sunapee, 356; Derryfield, 339; Littleton, 319; Trinity, 258; Gorham 237; Woodsville 229.

Next week will be a busy one with the Kanc Classic Slalom under the lights at the Lincoln Recreation Area on Thursday evening (start time 5 p.m.) and an interdivisional race at Cranmore, hosted by Kennett High School, on Friday.

Coach Sherrill Tracy said: "Rob Munce and I were happy with the composure and consistency our skiers showed today, especially with these being our first slalom races of the year and we’ll look to build on this solid start. The depth in our division right now presents an impressive challenge."

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