Supplement: Mix of new, experienced players for Gorham boys

The 2021 Gorham boys soccer team. 

Bottom Row, from left to right: Ethan Corrigan, JunSung Montanaro, SeungNam Montanaro, Jack Saladino, Abraham Backler, Connor Lemoine, Cody Lemieux-Thibodeau, Cam Pake and Jake Bartlett. Top Row, from left to right: Coach David Backler, Chase Carder, John Micucci, Isaac Langlois, Carson Roberge, Nolan York, Liam Cairns, Michael Cote, Brendan Saladino, Abram Wydra, Teagan LeClerc, Ayden Corrigan, Aiden Corrigan, Assistant Coach Hoopy Qualls and Assistant Coach Craig Langlois. (WILLIAM CARROLL PHOTO)

GORHAM — This year’s Gorham boys soccer team brings a mix of both young and veteran talent that has already beaten last years mark for wins with most of the season still to play.

Gorham Coach David Backler said, “I have a great group of boys, that really work hard together and play hard together and support each other really well.”

The team is led by senior captains Liam Cairns, Nolan York and Teagan Leclerc.

Backler said Cairns, the Huskies goalie is a standout impact player. Backler added that Cairns will be one of the leaders in Division 4 for goalies and will be an important part of the team’s success this season. York, a center back was described as a strong presence in the middle of the Huskies defense and Leclerc, the team’s striker will be an important part of the team’s offensive production this season.

Senior SeungNam Montanaro will also be an impact player who brings quickness to the right wing position. Backler said Montanaro supports the team by making some great runs from his outside position and will be an important component for the offense moving forward.

Also in the middle of the defense will be Carson Robards, who with York will help shore up the team’s defense this season. Junior Aiden Corrigan, the team’s right back, is tough on the ball Backler said, making some strong plays to shore up the back line.

Junior Chase Carter will be an important presence as well for the team. Backler described the right winger as a strong multi-sport athlete with a high sport IQ.

Other players who will make strong contributions this season include sophomore Joseph Rafferty, who Backler said will probably play defense. Rafferty returned to soccer after spending some time in football and has been working diligently on his skills. Midfielder John Micucci is a another hard working player, Backler said, who has particularly been working on his passing game.

Sophomore Michael Cody was described by Backler as a strong defender who is willing to put his body at risk in order to make a play for the team. Right wing back sophomore Kody Lemieux-Thibodeau was described by Backler as quick and really talented with the ball at his feet. Backler said Lemieux-Thibodeau would be a potential goal scorer for the Mountaineers this season.

Left wing back sophomore Cam Pake is a shutdown defender, who Backer said will be difficult for opposing teams to get around and sophomore midfielder Abraham Backler, the coach’s son, is skilled at controlling the pace of the game and makes good passes, according to the coach.

Backler said sophomore Brendan Saladino has a pretty cross, which should be helpful to the team this season and is also a good shooter, who helps the team by keeping a wide space and position on the field.

Sophomore midfielder JunSung Montanaro was described by Backler as a midfielder who was still developing his game, but who was working on becoming an overall strong soccer player. Sophomore Jake Bartlett was also described as a player that was working hard and making good progress in his overall game.

In the freshman class, Backler has several young up and coming talents including Jack Saladino, who Backler described as fast, with a strong shot who is tenacious on the ball.

Freshman midfielder Connor Lemoine was described as fearless. Backler said that while Lemoine is a smaller player he is willing to go against the biggest player on the field, he also possessed great vision down the field. Freshman Issac Langlois was also described as having great vision down field and was recognized by Backler for being able to make great through passes and be in the right position on the field to get shots on goal on a regular basis.

Freshmen Ethan Corrigan and Abram Wydra were described as good young players who are both developing into strong soccer players. Freshman Ayden Corrigan, the team’s backup goalie is working hard on his skills to become a strong goalie, Backler said.

Backler said that Division 4 possesses a lot of parity this year and that he feels any team in the division can defeat any other team at any time. He noted that his players will need to come in ready to win every game to succeed this season.

“Our big goal is being focused on the task at hand, playing the right soccer and playing it together,” Backler said. “On the field we want to be competitive with every team we play, focusing on each game.”

Backler said after coming off a 2-8 season the goal will be playing with consistency, he noted that his team has come a long way so far this season and that the team overall is getting along well.

So far the Huskies are 4-0 on the young the season.

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