Tuesday, Sept. 10

Tuesday Commercial: High Series, Charley Cropley 562. High Game, Charley Cropley, 220. Top Teams, Holy Rollers, 8-0, JIBP52.

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Seniors: Game 1, No Tap Winners, Pete Gagne, 171. Game 2, Predict Your Score, Vic Roy. Game 3, Splits, 9's, X's, Vic Roy, 250.

Thursday, Sept. 12

Early Birds: High Series, Chris Lavigne, 480, Rachel Hebert, 402. High Game, Chris Lavigne, 180. Rachel Hebert, 169. Top Teams, Hawks Merlins, 3-1. Loons Sparrows Penguins Puffins 2-2.

Men's North Country: High Series, Bob Labonte, 595. Luc Lemieux, 231. Top Teams, Just Friends, 8-0, Burgess Biopower, 7-1, White Mountain Lumber, 7-1, Frank's Vending 7-1.

Sunday, Sept. 15

2-Person Teams: Team No. 3, Power Surges, 6-2. Team No. 4, Space Cadetz, 4-4. High Score Game, Olivia Laughton, 178. High Score Series, Lisa Boivin, 477.

Monday, Sept. 16

2-Person Teams: Team No. 8, Travis & Bob, 6-2. Team No. 2, Team Mila, 6-2. High Score Game, Pocket Pounders, 381. High Score Series, Pocket Pounder, 942.

Wednesday, Sept. 18

Olympians and Friends: Showoffs, 6-0. PacMen, 5.5-0.5. High Score Game, Showoffs, 417. High Score Series, Showoffs, 826.

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