Saturday, Jan. 19

Bumper: Team No. 2, Zombie Squirrels, 7-3. Team No. 1 Rainbow, 3-7. High Score Game, Zomibie Squirrel, 317. High Score Series, Zombie Squirrels, 317.

Sunday, Jan. 20

2-Person: Team No. 6, Power Surges, 13-3. Team No. 1 MCWR, 9-7. High Score Game, MCWR, 351. High Score Series, MCWR, 957.

Monday, Jan. 21

2-Person: Team No. 2, Pocket Pounders, 8.5-3.5. Team No. 6, CNN, 8-4. High Score Game, We Don’t Care, 362. High Score Series, CNN, 981.

Tuesday, Jan. 22

Commercial: Team No. 2, Mordancy Paving, 50-22. Team No. 6, Double K Trucking, 47-25. High Score Game, Fagin’s Pub, 847. High Score Series, Double K Trucking, 2441,

Wednesday, Jan 23

Olympians: Team USA, 5-1. Team 7-10, 5-1. High Score Game, Team USA, 496. High Score Series, Team USA 915.

Thursday, Jan 24

Early Birds: High Series, Ann Leger, 449, Barbara Dion, 437. High Game, Barbara Dion 173, Ann Leger, 166. Top Teams, Falcons, 11-5. Robins, 10-6.

North Country Men’s: High Series, Charley Cropley, 560, Jerry Lunderville 546. High Game, Luc Lemieux, 215, Jerry Lunderville, 195. Top teams, 3rd. round, DJ’s Auto Glass, 13-7, M&D Music, 12-8.

Friday, Jan. 25

Coed: Team No. 1, Blurred Vision, 53.5-22.5. Team No. 3, Lane Rangers, 41-35. High Score Game, We Don’t Give a Split, 700. High Score Series, Hot Rodders, 1909.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

Seniors: Game 1, No Tap Winner, Norm Bouchard, 185. Game 2, Predict Your Score winner, Norm Bouchard, within 5 pins. Game 3, Splits, 9’s., X’s, game winners, Norm Bouchard, 224.

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